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There are less people playing now. It is quite common for an organized npc bosshunt to fail. Possibly the strengths of Aen, Pei, Lixie 'n Sirgio should be lowered slightly to reflect the modern gameplay conditions.

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I disagree for the following reasons:

1. NPC Bosses are already easy, teams fail often despite having the numbers because they are not coordinated enough and often not ready to follow commands. This is a fact.

2. The difficulty level of NPC Bosses motivates many homins to get together and fight together against one enemy (sometimes out of their Roleplay).

3. Marauder Armors and craft plans are supposed to be rare items.

4. By making NPCBosses easier, not only would you remove a grand part of the already lacking end-game.

In my opinion they should be harder if anything and Hunt leaders should train/form hunt attendees to be more efficient.

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You have a good points. The hunts often assume people know what to do. I'm not sure i even agree with my own suggestion now :)
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