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To make life on Atys just a tad more interesting, I would propose that mobs in a spawn (and, to a lesser extent, those in a region) should have their attributes change over time based on homin interactions.

I suggest:
  • Repeatedly killing the same spawn should make the mobs wary about homins, slowly increasing their aggro range over time (since they learn to detect our presence)
  • After the spawn is left alone for a while, the same attribute should decrease toward its baseline (they forget homins are awful)
  • Repeatedly killing mobs in a spawn should make their friend mobs more likely to attack too (e.g. you attack bodocs, bolobis start detecting it from a longer distance and therefore aggro easier)
  • Repeatedly using the same attack should slowly make the mobs more immune to that kind of attack
Same underlying idea as with the other thread: it makes both PvE and PvP more challenging, but in a fun way. One could even "prepare" an outpost region by trying to make the nearby fauna tougher to handle, in advance to a fight.

Of course, some caps should be in place, so that we don't get supercharged yelks that are super buff because of one corner case where they get 5 different boosts from 5 different factors.

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That's also a great idea (like the other one)


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++ nice idea

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Love the idea, and I am all for more complexity and realistic experience, but I am not a coder, but wow, it seems like something that would be real hard to code. :-/
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