What do you think about a purchasable GH storage upgrade?
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Hey guys, first of all i admit this isnt anything new and TalkIRC and Pastini (wassit?) had already tempted the devs and us the community, however, i beg to disturb the dust on those abandoned threads and suggest this - a purchasable or perhaps rentable package from Guildhall caretaker NPC to let us have 1 more storage *room*. It doesnt have to be a room in literal sence nor it involves inserting new npcs with adjusted redesigned mechanics, just a temp bulk increase for some dapps, where in the case of not paying up, for example, it may become withdrawal only. Perhaps this temp might not be as easy as a perma upgrade, so i would like to hear from devs what you guys think is easier to put together.
Anyways, this could add more realistic roleplay feel to some of the otherwise-forgotten silent warriors the Guildhall caretakers and it could be a consumable just like the food for meks. Pehaps just like with DP reducer it could even be in tiers?

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we know exactly how i feel about this topic.....


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Guild Hall upgrade, not permanently

means: time-based, action-based, needs action to prevent loosing materials

Example: Pay 250k Dapper for additional 1000 bulk. Every Jena Month (3 days) you have to pay. One will get money from the GH Dappers. If you cant pay, you loose all mats above randomly.


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Already discussed here: Best if we don't start a myriad threads on the issue..


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