#16 [en] 

Mission: Kill 4 QL 209 Arma
Mission No.: C011V002_42796
Mission Giver: Zumiyafu
Allegiance: Gibbads
Issue: Broken
Problem: Level 209 do not exist other than named. Would have to kill Manda 3 times and hope that each kill gave you a drop.


#17 [en] 

Mission calls for ploderos meat, not arma. Ploderos in Void go up to level 250 (voracious ploderos).Still difficult as hell, because plods are super-herbies, but at least should be doable.


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#18 [en] 

Oops ... looks like I screenied wrong mission


#19 [en] 

This been happening more frequently latelt... Reward Mission / Windows pops ... no rewards inside.   Thot maybe the golden arrows was a refresh ... nope, it dumped mission and gave me  a new one.


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