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Good day everyone, I have a question (well, actually a couple) and I did try a search in forums without any luck. My 1st question is - should I renounce my religion first or my civilization to at least -50? 2nd is - is there a faster way to decrease from my "Neutral Status" besides renouncing? And finally, I know where to renounce for Kami but I forgot where to go or who to see for the Kara.

If anyone has the time and patience to answer, I would appreciate it. As the subject line states - "Time for a Change"...

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Religion is easier to work around as having both K/K fames low will do nothing more than lock their TPs; you won't have guards trying to kill on on sight.

Despite the amount of clicking involved, renouncing truly is the fastest way to lower fame. The only other ways I can think of would involve raising other fames far more than the drop you get in the fame you are seeking to drop, which is counter-productive.

I went to the Karavan camp East of Fairhaven to renounce Jena repeatedly, though I suppose that the Karavan camp roughly North of the Green Seeds tribe would also work. Kami/Karavan folks have a slightly easier time going Marauder since they already have one of those fames at -50.

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Thanks Lucena, that is what I was afraid of...

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I managed to drop all fames low enough to take the Marauder rite in a little under 4 hours, though admittedly my finger was a bit sore from all the clicking.
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