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Hello Atys and happy weekend. I would like to take this moment to thank everyone who contacted me directly with their heartfelt wishes and I do wish that there was a happy ending for this injury but alas, the damage is done and without the chance of recovery, and indeed, I lost all vision in my left eye. The orbital bone broke, optic nerve severed, optic disk damaged and the main retinal blood vessel ruptured. My right eye, I lost 50% of my vision and that was better than I expected. I tend to look at life as being simple, unpredictable and beautiful but always remember that even though something ends, something new begins, so take a deep breath and move on. I will continue to be around, so have a wonderful day and remember that newbies make for great meat shields and if you dip them in garlic and butter, they make for even better argo treats.

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Great spirit and look on life, just keep moving, i hope the future hold less of a bumpy ride for you, keep enjoying life and ryzom, we will be here ready to enjoy it with you :)


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i wish you the best and hope, you coming back:-) merry christmas and a happy new:-)


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