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On Thermis 28, 2605-2 - Letter to Karan Stevano
Your Majesty,

For the second time this week, a cloud of rabid kitins appeared a few days ago from the Depths of Atys not far from the capital city of the Federation to which Your Majesty has granted me the honour of placing me as ambassador. Aware of the duties of this last office, I therefore participated, for the second time (but this time with the precious support of our Herën, Filira Zagabranth Ganancioso) in repelling the invasion threatening the Lakes in a league hastily formed for the purpose, bringing together homins from all the factions and nations.
If I emphasize this last point, this gathering (a welcome one, in my opinion) of all against the of all foe, this is because it seems to me that it is high time that the Kingdom, although for now free of such attacks, officially takes its part in the fight against what could well turn out to be only the precursory signs of a third general swarming of the pallid plague... But it is true that I am only your representative, not your counsel.
Please note, however, that the Alkian Order (as shown by the participation, noted above, of its Guide in the battle the other night) has taken full measure of the threat and is now in favor of the union of all the forces of the Kingdom under the authority of Your Majesty to conjure it... And therefore renounces the persistence in his recent isolation: however justified it may have been at the outcome of the last assembly of your nobles, it now constitutes a danger to the Matis people.
Therefore, and since my office does not give me such privilege, it is on behalf of the Alkian Order that I hereby request Your Majesty to convene in the near future an Assembly of Nobles constituted as Karan Council to examine the international situation, gather testimony and enlighten Your Highness so that She may decide what is to be decided, in which Assembly Filira Zagabranth wishes, of course, to be an active participant.
Nilstilar Thorec
Bohorën of Alkiane
Ambassador of Your Majesty to the Federation of Naw Trykoth

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