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1: I really don't read the forums.

2: I FINALLY got fame of 50 in Fyros (yes, I am a "newbie")
But I though that if your fame was at a certain level (40?) New Horizon useage was "free". I had to pay 1000 Dappers to TP, via New Horizons from Pyr to Dyron.

3: That hasn't happened about 30 minutes ago.

4: What's up with that?

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Since the Fortunate Gubani overtook New Horizons, everyone pays 1000 dappers per a ride now. No matter of your allegiance nor fame.

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1: I really don't read the forums.

Then welcome, second: You should read it now that you are here.
Its common logic if you want update about the game you play.


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Well {badword}!

As all of my characters are ... hmmm... CHEAP, that means it is more advantageous to use a Mektoub to travel within a continent, rather than to use NH all the time.

Although Thesos is a problem for harvesting.

Well..... WAAAHHH!!!

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Xyzzy, the reward from NPC missions has been upgrade ! You can get easily enough dappers for many NH travels.


Beauté, curiosité, virtuosité !

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I have not logged in for some time.

Once you ride (or run/walk) to a TP near a city, It costs just as much for the TP pact. So, why bother?

However if the Fortunate Gubani start messing with the TP pacts..... well, since I try to save 1000 dappers of the millions of dappers I already have, I generally walk my(self) to the Kami TP southe of Pyr, hoof it to another Kami/Karavan TP and just do it for free. Yeah, it takes time, but time=dappers=time.


I am a Fyros. What more do I have to say other than that?
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