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A new feature is being tested:
The localization of objectives for hunting/fighting missions.

Flag Thing: 150m ? ... so get mission, port, walk to flag, /tar "the thing" and kill it.

While I have hated running north to south on Loria and east to west in Scorched Corridor looking for things ... being guided to /tar range hat small seems a bit formulaic ... not far from popping it in front of me and let me kill it while it's chained to a stake :). Exaggerating of course but O think there should be a little challenge .. say somewhere between 1/4 of the region and 2 or 3 x /tar range

You mentioned in earlier post as to the reason a mission might not being done, one of which wad "not wanting to do it" ... will there be a means to prevent just repeatedly abanondoning the mission till we get ... deliver this package to the dude 4m away"

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My first go at the Daily Missions. I set Fight, Craft, Forage and Craft filters for 200-250. I took seven Forage Missions (it gave me no options for other types of mission). I set all fames except Kami to not go down. I lost Kara fame. Each mission in Sys Info said I got 40,000 Dappers but I only got just over 1 million total for the seven missions. Is everything working as it should, and I have misunderstood?


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I really wish I could adjust the foraging missions more to my levels as they are quite different. Using the lowest possible one of course works but is a bit sad :)

Probably one could argue similar for crafting.


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