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***Disclaimer: this is a translation (by myself and partly Digitale) of a Post written by Kadalak and Stefler, published on French Forum by Alric. The original version can be found here. Parts containing expired images were slightly modified(or removed) for continuity***


  • 1. Rules for reputation.
  • 2. Armor.
  • 3. Equipment.
  • 4. Stanzas.
  • 5. Heal techniques.
  • 6. Attack techniques.
  • 7. Auras, invulnerability and self heal.
  • 8. Tips.

1. Rules for the reputation of your guild

At PvP, Fairplay is the first thing you notice during an encounter. Most often, an RP text announcing the battle is what makes you rise in the opponent's esteem. Provocation, irony and insults (in a certain politeness framework of course) towards your enemies is much more appreciated than a simple "Let's hit each other on the face" even if it's the goal, I must say.

For example provocations can make everyone laugh, should be fun to do and through that, we create a RP image of prople, who are there for the game and not stupidly kill everyone (which also prevents being killed during a hunt or while digging because the other did not like to be savagely killed). Same when you meet an enemy and its not your PvP moment, a small RP of light provocation while indicating that you don't have the time/will is always more fun.

2. Armor.

This is the beginning of the start. First and most important is knowing what to wear, so that you're neither consumming too much resources nor taking up too much damage, thus staying up longer and getting up faster.
The "I'm a healer so I'll use LA" doesn't exist here.
The "I'm a tank so I don't care about the rest" doesn't exist here either.
Or the funny case (afterwards since at the moment it's not funny) of "Stam! Stam! I'll sit to regen". If it exists it's because the player has no guild.

The set offering the best possible compromise is simple:
- Vest, Sleeves, Gloves, Boots: MA +1 dodge, +1 parry with appropriate PF and max vs.
- Pants: Either Medium Pants, a stylish skirt +20% PF and +2 dodge or at best, the faction's skirt.
- Headwear: Without anything protecting their skull, player will be bent in a few shots with 1200+ damage per hit. With a nice helmet +0 dodge +2 Parry (min), damage will be considerably absorbed.
Info: A complete set of MA implies the same Malus as one single piece of HA. Additionally, the not neglectible dodge modifier that HA implies should help you understand that: HA is useless.

Dodge should be prioritised in all your crafts, as well as PF which comes second, just like max vs slash and smash at last. On the battlefield, 2H axes, 1H Swords+Dagger and 1H axes are present very often, hence the importance of this priorities. Max vs. Pierce (vs Pike and Spear) is useless to put in your craft, for the very simple and good reason that the stanza "ignore armor" avoids this protection.

As for parry, it must be preferably present as +1 on average and at +2 min. on your helmet (+3 would be top, use bosses on your recipes).

I will explain the difference between Dodge and Parry in the next chapter.

3. Equipment.

This chapter is divided into two categories:
- Jewel sets.
- Weapons and Shields.

Jewel sets.

Certainly what allows a person to stay alive the longest. Good jewels protect from offensive magic and enchants, be it by Resistance or Protection, which reduces damages from max (3000 unboost) to approx. 445 damage.
It is imperative to create jewel sets in function of the spells and enchants that you want to block. Certain people are more often tanks and will prefer a set with max Desert to block madness, while others use amplifiers more often and will prefer a max PR jewel set, so in order not to be feared, for example.

The two types of Sets are:
Unbalanced: That is to say, 3 Domains at 304 with low protection (0-30%) and 2 Domains with an optimal protection (65-70%). In this way they protect from the effects of magic of the maxed 3 domains and let through the effects of magic from the 2 sub-optimal Domains, but limiting the damage considerably (approx. 445 damage instead of 3000).
Example: Unbalanced DESERT LAKES PR, it will protect from fire, cold, shock, rot, acid spells at maximum. It will let electricity and poison spells through at 445 damage per spell. It will protect against Madness, Blindness, Stun, Fear effectively, but will let Sleep, Slow Move, Root and Slow Attack through.

Balanced: The 5 Domains will be an average of 270% and each protection around 35-40%. 
Equilibrée : Les 5 domaines seront d’une moyenne de 270% de résistances, et chaque protection sera dans les environs de 35/40%. This set lets its wearer receive approximately 50% effect of all spells at approx 750% per spell. On the other hand, it can be usefull for protection against enchantments, which can destabilise the adversary since he won't find a "real" hole in the set.
Tip: Use only Unbalanced Sets. They allow for a better rentability in terms of number of spells/HP lost. Prefer a DESERT LAKES PR set or JUNGLE FOREST PR, these are the two most used.

For Jewel Crafters: test recipes with Gubakoo, Rendoketh, Plodeketh, Armkoo for granted better results. Meanwhile you can find just as good with other bosses, you just have to look for them. For a perfect Unbalanced with 304 (and not 275 as displayed in [info window]) you need to make a jewel with +8 protections and resistances. With boosts you'll have formidable performances.
Craft: ALWAYS use a roobarn tool for whatever PVP equipment you make.

Weapons and Shields

Well, its going to be a good dose of Infos to absorb. For good PvP, you need a Master in 2H Melee: Pike, Axe, Mace and Sword are preffered in that respective order; And at least 200+ in 1H Melee because it allows enormous versatility, and so you can tackle all kinds of targets with the means you need.
The 2H is useful to reduce adversary Parry modifier. Hence very useful vs someone in HA or a Player in possession of a Shield +30 Parry (+34 Boost). Meanwhile, against someone with 1H Sword and Dagger (+20 Dodge), its not so ideal, since it will add in average +16 Dodge to your opponent and reduce a little of your own.

1H against a well protected person doesn't inflict enough damage, it is hence prefered on people using LA or PvP armor with holes. You could reduce more than -30 Dodge to your adversary.

For crafts, according to your play method, aim for 100 damage/speed**, and adjust Parry, Dodge and adversary to you. Dodge is not to be underestimated.
Versus 1H, you will play in Parry mode due to your opponent's adv modifiers. When versus 2H you will want to play in dodge for the same reason.

Advice: I use Pike most of all and play mostly in dodge, so my recipes don't give me much malus on this regard. For the Sword+Dagger, Tekorn is advantageous for the mages and the daggers is more useful for -Dodge modigier than for damage. So as you can imagine, I tailor my crafts mostly for Dodge Modifier and Adversary Dodge Modifier than Speed and Parry.

For Shields, if you play mostly in Parry Mode, prefer a good Shield +30 Parry (non-boost) with a 1H Sword/Axe. If you are rather Dodge then prefer Buckler +20 Dodge with a Lance, generally.

Advice: Sometimes I use sword and shield when I have a tank on my back, while I am looking after a magician. I take fewer blows and damage and so with occasional heal, I can continue to harass the healer without dwelling on my pursuer.

4. Stanzas

Here are the main Stanzas of PvP. Everyone has their own, that goes without saying. However these are the foundation of all.


Inc Damage 13, Accuracy 3, Ignore armor 11
Inc Damage 11, Accuracy 7, Ignore armor 9
Inc Damage 10, Circular attack 6, Ignore armor 7

1H Axe/Sword:

Inc Damage 13, Accuracy 3, Bleed 11

Inc Damage 11, Accuracy 7, Bleed 9

Inc Damage 11, Accuracy 6, Bleed 7

Sword / Dagger / Shield

Increase Damage 12, Aim humanoid head 9
Increase Damage 12, Aim humanoid arms 9
Increase Damage 12, Aim humanoid Legs 9
Increase Damage 12, Circular Attack 7


Double Ele

Ele q250/225, 250HP/SAP, 80 Range

Single Ele/Enchant

Ele q250, 100HP/SAP, 50 Range

Single Heal/Enchant

Heal HP q250, 100HP/80SAP, 80 Range

Double Heal

  • Heal HP q200 Sap q140, 180HP/160SAP, 80 Range
  • Heal HP q200 Stam q140, 180HP/160SAP, 80 Range

Self heals

  • Self heal HP 26
  • Self heal Sap 26
  • Self heal Stam 26
  • Self heal HP/Stam 14/12
  • Self heal HP/Sap 13/13

5. Heal Techniques

- PvP is done via Heal enchants. Enchants don't have a failure rate and don't require any incantation time besides the speed at which they can be casted. Only Sap and Stam should be "casted". It is useless to take the risk to res someone with a casted spell instead of an enchant, since during the incantation, you can't Parry/Dodge any action, so 1 hit of an axe and...... 
But in addition, with a Sword+Dagger on your back it will be extremely difficult to succeed, since hits interrupt your casting.

- It is therefore preferable for the healer to run around in circles, enchanting at maximum, in order to receive minimum damage. If you have a tank on your back, cast sap or stam depending on your team's need. If you have two or more, at the slightest cast you will receive a ton of damage, die and make your team lose time getting you up.
Pay attention not to run a too wide perimeter and risking being out of range for your allies.

-Since you are in a group, it is imperative to keep an eye on your team members, and to prevent them from dying. Lifting a dead team member will cost you on average 5 enchants, while healing as he/she stands will take at most 2 enchants in order to continue in all serenity. Gain of enchants, gain of time, it allows you to heal all your group withot focusing on one particular case.

- When out-numbered or in defense mode since the adversary has taken Domain over PvP, before equipping a weapon it is necessary to heal all your comrades thoroughly, and they will do it reciprocally. Like this, the opponent hits and doesn't see HP move down, he changes targets, attacks etc and at one point, he must take his amplifiers for his team. Then, as the situation turns around, you take all your weapons and regain control of the PvP.

- The most frequent on PvP with equal numbers, is to see 2-3 tanks and another one without anyone on his back. Technique: He with no followers equips his amps and heal. The chased take their weapons and via constant heal can inflict damage on ennemies while he regens fast enough not to be interrubted (Circular attack). The enemies change target and you can either equip amps on tanks and heal the group or even take your weapons and tank.

- Extreme case: If 50% of the group is dead, and you have a good number of tanks on your back, press SPEED. Enchant everyone and via your acceleration, once you're far from your chasers, enchant sap on your best healer(s).


- Use only q250 enchant for heal
- Cast only for sap or stam provided you can
- Run in circles to receive minimal damage and remain within range from your team
- Heal your allies before they die

6. Attack techniques

After a group is well healed, lets move on too attack.
- The most important thing so that your team stays alive, as you have seen, is in fact, healing. Well, for your opponents its the say. If you have the chance, and you run into some old school folks, with a fixed healer and tank as enemies, forget about the tank and go straight for the healer, make them taste dirt and the round is won after a few hits.
- If you stumble upon players who do "modern-pvp" as explained, then learn to know your targets. Knowing where the hole is in their armour, if they are good healers und so on, attack those that keep the group afloat, those that run in circles with amps. Place two tanks on them, sword+dagger with aim head if they have no helmet, aim legs if they have a skirt, if they have 2H, stanza accurate attack with pike or axe. Once dead, its impetarive that someone CAMPS the dead. So that a single hit after res puts them down again before he can even enchant a heal on his teammates. If you kill him and change targets... its alright he's dead but you can expect him to be full life in 2 seconds and ready to fill his team back with sap and regain Domain of the round.

- If you have spotted a good healer, harras them! Don't leave him them alone until their death and even then! Like this, throughout the round he will receive critical hits on his head, imparting some stuns on him. Additional you your enchants of Fear, Sleep or Root, and all this will prevent him from doing his job, allowing your other tanks to kill your other opponents without them receiving a constant heal.

- If during combat you see a good healer in your team being chased by 2 or more tanks, leave your opponents, equip your amps and enchant on your friend. With constant heal, he will be able to enchant in spite of the hits and thus tend to the needs of your team in all different regards. Afterwards, equip a weapon and attack with circular his followers, its the art of changing from healer/tank in function of who is healer/tank, all without changing armor, just weapons.
- If your group is fully healed, take all your weapons and give the adversary all your damage, Pikers to tanks with 2H, Sword+Daggers on those without helmets or with a buckler.
- If the enemy regens faster than you do damage, turn back to normal, 50% of the group healing, change targets, techniques and people to camp.
- If your pursuers receive constant heal. Stop. Take your best weapons and use circular attack. You will not like it if a single person deals 600+ damage to 3 of your allies at once without his HP going down, the enemies won't either. Suddenly, they change target and you can get off. According to the battle's evolution, take your amps, or concentrate on your opponent in a constant matter. (even relentlessly if your target is the group's leader.)
Good to know: the Sleep affliction link is broken when a blow is given to the target. Consequently, if you hold a healer (or a tank) in "sleep", the members of your team have to concentrate on the rest of the opposite team to kill them more quickly, and end with the asleep healer / tank, while keeping on camping the dead.

- Elemental magic in PVP. Subject that deserves attention, because it can cause more damages to your group than to the opposite side. The elemental magic consumes a lot, therefore, if you abuse of it on an opponent wearing an unbalanced set of jewels, you will consume more life than he loses. Then, your teammates will have to take amps for you, and so your group will cause fewer damages offering a possibility of domination for your opponent.
To use, according to the context, on targets with hunt jewels or with a big jewel holes. Best is to use it when your opponent is far, or in "acceleration" with a life lower than 1000. "Poison" or "Electricity" on a DESERT / LAKE / PRIMES set. "Fire", "Shockwave" or "Cold" on a JUNGLE / FOREST / PRIMES set (hence the importance of knowing the opponent).

- There is also a way to harass somebody or maintain him on the ground if he has a defect on his set: amps with a simple level 250 elemental spell to be used as soon as he is rezzed or to kill him quickly.

- Pay attention on the abuse of offensive magic for your sap. The spells take a toll on your state, do not empty your sap pointlessly.

- Lets move on to another very important Subject, DA and OA. They play an extremely important role. Prefer a spell like "Sleep", "Stun" or "Fear" for 1H weapons, so you stuck the opposite healer (as they can shift heal/tank). And "Madness" or "sleep" on a 2H weapon, to penalize the opposite tank and avoid some damages that should have been suffered by your group. "Madness" is useful for the witches, because it breaks the heal with a good percentage of success (but which is not equal to 100%). Once again, you should focus on the opponents with amps in hands, thus do not send pointlessly a spell on the only opposite remaining tank.

- When you camp an opponent, you have the possibility of enchanting another target remotely, while staying on the dead enemy. 

- When you are under the effects of a DA or OA spell: If you are under "madness", touch directly "cancel action", in order not to cause damages to yourself. If you cast "double poison spell" when your set does not support it, you can kill yourself in a few seconds.


- Protect your teammates with amps.
- Kill chosen target according to your knowledge and weapons.
- Camp the dead.
- Enchant the right homin in the right conditions depending on your spell.
- Several weapons in the bag: 1H, 2H, heal amps, ele amps.
- Elemental Magic When target is almost dead or have a bad set of jewels.
- Do not abuse of elemental magic, preserve your sap.
- Heal completely the whole group before all take weapons.
- Cancel action if you are suffering an spell that might cause you damage.

Auras, Invul and Self-heal

For magic protections you dispose of: MPA (melee), AMA(anti-magic) and RPA(range). Invulnerability and Selfheals, modifiable as seen in previous chapters. The other Powers and Auras won't be mentiones, as they are seldomly use when it comes to PvP.

Auras apply for the whole group, it is thus necessary, so that they last a long time, that each one on his turn, activates the same aura, and so extending the time of this one.

Concerning melee aura, it’s useful when the group is in bad position, due to an opposite surplus of tank. It allows to rez your group and to heal completely, without receiving too many damages, and having more success doing spells.

Magic aura is used when the group suffers due to the elemental magic (because of jewel sets: unexpected PvP, digging or levelling set). It often protects you while running away, from magic damages as from neutral and deb magic (such as "root" generally used to hold a person of a group and get back the others in the fight).

Rnge protection aura, not insignificant. If you have in front of you enemies with grenade launcher, you should not wait to suffer up 3000 damages In 5 seconds. Put immediately the shooting aura so that the opponent uses its ammunitions and will have to take back conventional weapons to face you.

Unless being the last player alive, NEVER use "Invulnerability" in team PvP. When a player do that, that means wasted enchants, heal that will be taken from the others, and your group dies. 

For Self-heals, use them with moderation. 
• They allow the last survivor to get enough life to heal another person and then to rez the group, for example. 
• When you are dry and when your teammates forget you or are unable to cast, take the regeneration life/sap.
• On the other hand, if you have 3 tanks on you, without continuous heal, it’s useless to use a regeneration. In every case, you will die.

8. Various tips:

• A 2H Tank should prefer a cheap recipe with 100 damages and 100 speed**. Get a boost. Use the boosted weapon with a classic PvP stanza. On the other hand, use non-boosted weapons with a stanza containing "Wearout" at the maximum level. So that you can use a full "Increase Damage", "Accurate", "Ignore armor" or "Bleeding" stanza. That touches almost always.
• 1H tank: do not bother putting "Accurate" as you remove a lot of dodge via your weapons. Put only "targeting head" for the opponents without helmet, "targeting legs" for those in skirt and "targeting arm" for those who have light sleeves.
• Level up with enchants: hit once on the opponent wth melee, then take your amps enchanted with a ele spell. That’s quick and will train you for PvP.
• Do not wait for anybody to go hunting and get a master. When somebody is at level 235, propose to heal out of team, and enchant the opponent with elemental magic. Incredibly fast. 
• For duels, if your opponent is dying and uses "melee aura", do the same, take immediately your amps and harass him with an elemental spell until killing him.
• When you are alone with several tanks on you, use "melee aura". The over numbered opponent will not think about protecting himself. Circular blow, and you make a lot of damages on three at the same time.

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Another nice guide, Alees!

I do have one question though; what about Spear/Lance+Buckler? Is the lower raw DPS balanced adequately by the fact that Ignore Armor allows every single hit to be full damage, as well as plenty of opportunities for criticals (especially with Tekorn)? It seems to me that 607 damage unreduced by armor 44 times a minute with Dodge of up to +19 (and another +24 for the buckler) would be at least feasible, possibly even enough to counter the lack of Bleeding as that is based on damage that is reduced by Slashing protection. The only real downside I see is that the Adversary Dodge isn't as good. (Adversary Parry is irrelevant since using 1h against Parry is just silly :p)

Your thoughts?


Do not assume that you speak for all just because you are the loudest voice; there are many who disagree that simply have no desire to waste words on you.

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Great guide Alees.

Nice to see someone putting their time into something constructive that helps open up options for the community!



Everone has an opinion, and of course are entitled to have one, but others are equally entitled to decide whether they choose to agree or disagree. Acting like a complete Muppet isn't likely going to change minds or win support :)

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Bubba, Gidget, as stated in Post, this guide ist not of my Authorship. My only contribution was to translate it from french and format it a bit ^_^

@Gidget: I'm no expert but it really depend's on what your Opponent is using. It can be a good option or a very bad one!

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Nice translation -

What about organizing each Sunday (or so) a meeting about PvP somewhere? (like matis arena or void)
I don't think most players read the forum these days, and an animation is always nice to have.
Mainly to teach and show to curious players, while casual can have their match.
But also to talk about this subject, and share opinions.

Asking the communication team or a GM to do an announcement when it start, and EM can give a few implication points at the end.

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Elvanae and I held regular PvP training at Matis arena some years ago, mostly for Karavan (was Karavan then).. It was nice but it was mostly the same 2-3 people at most..

You could try though, Revvy.



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What about organizing each Sunday (or so) a meeting about PvP somewhere? (like matis arena or void)

I remember Virg trying to that quite a few years ago. Spent a lot of time in FH if I remember trying to get players to sign up.


Everone has an opinion, and of course are entitled to have one, but others are equally entitled to decide whether they choose to agree or disagree. Acting like a complete Muppet isn't likely going to change minds or win support :)
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