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I would like to be able to view ingame all the stats of an other alt character of the same account as the character i am then using to play ryzom 8)

Purpose: if while playing as Trtrytry i am asked what stats Tryroamer currently has (const, int, ... Bal, Will but also HP etc) then i can simply view those stats and provide that info

As things now stand: in order to check Tryroamer's current stats as Trytrytry, i have to use 'Character Selection' to become Tryroamer.

In order to return to playing as Trytrytry i must then again use 'Character Selection' i<-- thus losing all the chat history having led up to my being asked about Tryroamer's current stats.

P.S. it would be also useful to if possible view both of my single account's characters' stats while using rocketchat to chat 8)

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There are some apps that can show the stats of all the characters that will have added its api key. They can be used Ingame and through a browser.
But don't ask me more I am not a dev at all. *smiles*


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appzone 923 gives your guildmates levels (but not the ones below 100).

if you know the api key, you can test here to see the whole skilltree, inv, etc:

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ty for that link Ashgan. 8) but.. 8/ unfortunately, Tryroamer is in the guild, Root Walkers, whereas i am HO in the guild, Deserters of the Ruins

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you might also use https://www.ryzomarmory.com/home

you can declare your characters their without the need of guild key.


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