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I love the backup of dynamic channels and I thank the team very much for that, but it seems to me that two or three little things need to be added.

First the color. A saved channel is a channel that you would like to keep with the same presentation so you don't get the wrong channel! (as queen of the miss it's important) So if we could also save the color in the xml file it would be great!

Second problem but which is actually related: It is the channel numbering order that is not saved.

I will explain myself by an example:
Since yesterday I checked the backup and restore dynamic channels function.

Still yesterday were open when I logged out, a dynamic channel internal to a group of players and a dynamic league channel in that order, i. e.: channel N°2 personal channel, channel N°3 league channel.

This morning when I reconnected, the league channel had become channel #2 and the personal channel channel #3.
The locations on my screen had remained the same, channel N°2 at the top, channel N°3 at the left but as the channels were reversed in order my personal channel was on the left.
The personal channel behaved like a league channel by showing me the characters connected to the channel.

So I decided to change the color of my personal channel to avoid confusing it with another dynamic channel and I quit the league channel. Then I relog to test it.
And of course, my personal channel had lost its color, it had returned to the top and it no longer showed me the characters connected to the channel. It had become channel 2 again. :)

Maybe the solution is simply to, when you want to keep a channel you just created, check the save box, make a relog and uncheck the save box.

Thank you for listening to us!

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You can save your current dynamic channels manually, right-click near chat tabs on chat window and select Save.

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Hello !

Thank for the feedback :)

Channels colors and index position are now saved and restored.
This require testing so the update won't be available for this patch.

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Maybe the best is then to make only manual individual saves and only check restoration in the config.
Thanks for all!


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