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This is a bit vague for the ideas section, but hopefully some on-topic comments can narrow down the improvents a bit more.

Rework the products so they are more valuable to players outside of NH donations.

A change I think would make the products more useful is allowing their use without having to sit.

I'm open to reworking the boost, cost, and cooldowns too, but the sitting requirement is the major drawback for me.

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Agreed. I don't know how exactly to rebalance them, either. But the fact that the only useful ones are scrolls and larvas, with medic/butcher products being only good for scouting and the rest is useless, needs a change.



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I totally agree with this. Now that NH does not give faction points, I have no use for occupation products. It would be nice to have them reworked so that they are useful again.

Having them buffed a little bit and able to be used without sitting would be great!


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The long Use time has been the biggest killer, though the cooldown time for some products is also excessive. When you consider that a caster can do more heals in 5 seconds than products can do in 5 minutes, and do so without sitting down defenseless, there's no reason to actually use the products. (Spite towards those who think products are currently useless isn't a valid reason :p)

Giving them a Use time of 2 seconds at all grades and using them without sitting would be a great start. Shortening the cooldown on those that heal one stat while nerfing another would also be warranted; no need to double-balance the heal.


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I was thinking that the cool down could be constant, or close to it, over all level of produce- to encourage gaining the highest occ levels... Idk seems like higher quality products already create more malus on your stats, so a longer CD is an unnecessary debuff. If anything the higher quality the product maybe the more efficient it is.

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+ 1 from me

I used to carry a solid bunch of q70 medic kits with me, consumed only a few of them during scouting runs, otherwise they are useless. And for solo grinding combat levels a f2p healer alt is a no-brainer.

Ability to use all these products on the run and with shorter cooldowns would greatly improve both PvE and PvP.


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