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Hello Atys, I am curious about the “Achievements” for yubo points. Why do we not have special titles designated for certain achievements just like we do for our skill-sets/levels? To me, it would make sense that we have titles as well as the points, since this entire game appears to be “title-driven”. Well, just my 2-cents.

Thank you.


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As far as I know, Yubo point are totally useless (maybe there is steam achievements linked to them, if someone can check).

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There are no working steam achievements


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Hello Chantre, well for as long as I have been playing, I do not recall anyone mentioning titles for achievements but it is not a bad idea because after looking at them, there could some new titles.

Interesting though....


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As far as I know, Yubo point are totally useless .....

1. Bragging rights !

2. For the Fame portion, when all the tribes like you we give you the honorary title "Spirit of Sally Field" title. You can't wear it in game but think of the satisfaction of being universally loved !

3. It does give you a lot of safe zones tho some of the tribes have been nerfed such that it's much harder to survive KP


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Too funny Freddy but in some respects, I agree... When I mentioned that I saw a couple, yes, they are all trivial but as we know, people are title crazy...

I for one, only use homin....

Godspeed, Zatarga

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I see you wearing Atys Citizen ...that way just about every fame mission will make someone else mad and you lose it every other day,


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been a "zorai guardian" for longer then i can remember, but it'd be nice to have more options i won't use (doesn't hurt my play any and so i'll totally support this idea)


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