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Good day, Atys and happy Monday (April 29th). I would like to start out by thanking everyone who has helped me gather Q259 Fine Kirney mats and Q260 Choice Named mats, this is a huge help for me.

I am always looking for both of those mats (for the Q260 Choice Names, any region) and I am willing to make a fair trade for the Choice Names and for the Q259 Fine Kirney mats, my offer still stands ((100 of each mat (500 total) for 10 Million dappers)) and I will also pay for the extras because I know that it is impossible to get an exact amount.

Most of the time when I am online hunting Kirney; I am doing so solo, so it is a little slow and for the Choice Names, I am never around when the server restarts, nor know that it has until days later, at which time, they are most likely killed and the mats sold.

Thanks again and Godspeed...


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Tryroamer more likely than i, Trytrytry might someday chance upon such loot or loot possibilities. Barring obligations to give such instead into one's own guild membership (for whatever reason) then i would gladly help you out in the manner you have requested.

A plea on the GM etc or on any and all, who might decide over and be responsible for such decisions: Might not this request become pinned in the forum so as to be and remain visible for all comers (potentially interested in so helping Zatarga out) ?

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What do you do with fine kinrey mats? o.O

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Special crafting :)

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I would say for parry or slashing? :)

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@ Moniq - I use all 5 mats for crafting :P

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Well, I can see sup kinrey mats, but 'fine?' Hmm guess I will have to experiment more with them, XD
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