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Like every week, taking advantage of coming to the capital to deliver his report, Ulycaron Iothus was heading to Pyr's Bath when he was attracted by a freshly-added poster on the bulletin board - the glue wasn't even dry yet.
Oren pyr,
Patriots, Desert inhabitants and Empire’s friends,

Thanks to your efforts and to your successful action toward the Barkers, the major construction work of the last buildings for the Empire's Shield are about to begin.

Strategos Ibiritis Ibirus and myself invite you to join us at the Thesos Citadel on the 22h - Quarta, Frutor 10, 3rd AC 2602(*), on the occasion of the laying of the foundation brick.

Sharükos pyrèkud !

Iribitus Iribus, Thesos strategos
Gramald Xarius, Imperial Academist, Chamber of Honor

Ulycaron Iothus couldn't prevent himself from shouting: sharükos pyrèkud !

* [OOC] On Friday, 22 March 2019 20:00:00 UTC (1 year ago). [/OOC]

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#2 [fr] 

Plus il réfléchissait, plus Azazor se demandait l'utilité du fameux bouclier de Thesos. Était-ce bien raisonnable, stratégiquement parlant, de mettre ses forces dans un mur, quand celui-ci pouvait être aisément contourné? Après tout, rien n'empêchait les matis de passer par les primes racines pour arriver au niveau du couloir brûlé. Quant aux kitins, c'était encore plus évident. Mais une telle erreur de stratégie en était-elle bien une? Après tout, les stratégos de l'empire étaient des maitres en la matière. Il ne les croyait pas aussi stupides pour ne pas y avoir pensé.

Aussi se demanda-t-il quelle pouvait être la véritable raison de ce bouclier de l'empire.
Un moyen de souder le peuple? Après tout, c'était grâce à la construction de la muraille que les liens avaient été plus ou moins ressoudés avec les percécorces. Et cela donnait de quoi s'occuper aux patriotes. Mais tout ça pour ça? Non, il devait y avoir une autre raison.
Peut être... non, il ne préférait pas envisager quelque chose comme ça. Et pourtant... Une diversion? Afin qu'on ne parle plus de la mort du celiakos Abycus et de Thulam?

Des morts suspectes, des listes de trytonnistes, la karavan qui s'en mêle et qui enferme les dissidents. Il y avait décidément quelque chose de pourri dans l'empire. Mais que pouvait-il faire, lui, pauvre akenak sans pouvoir?
Lopyrèch avait raison. Akenak est un poste sans honneur. Tout lui est caché et il doit se contenter de rassurer la population que tout va bien. Rapporter la parole du peuple? Non, les hautes sphères s'en contrefoutent. La parole n'est que descendante. Et cela commençait à lui peser...

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#3 [fr] 

Azazor affiche un message à Thesos.
Dû aux nombreuses attaques des maraudeurs sur les convois et les installations des percécorces, il a été décidé par la strategos de Thesos que des gardes impériaux seraient affectés aux installations de forage de l'oasis d'oflovak.

Par ailleurs, il est demandé aux patriotes et aux amis de l'empire sachant manier une arme de venir en renfort pour accompagner le prochain convoi de matériel des percécorces qui partira sous peu. Nous vous tiendrons informé de la date prochainement.

sharük pyrèkud! sharükos pyrèkud!

Azazor, akenak de thesos

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Kyriann, passing through Thesos, saw the poster.
As soon as she comes back to Avendale, she sends a short Izam to Azazor.
To Nair Azazor, Thesos Akenank
Lordoy Nair Azazor,
As ny-Jazzy had privileged relationships with Legions Fyros, Bai Nhori Drakani will be present to escort the convoy.

Kyriann Ba'Zephy Rie
Leader of Bai Nhori Drakani

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#5 [fr] 

HRP: il y a un côté étrange avec le campement de forage oasis d'oflo. On peut faire en sorte que les gardes de pyr attaquent les gardes de Thesos venu en renfort. :p
Il faudrait au moins que les patriotes ne puissent pas attaquer les gardes, comme pour n'importe quel garde de ville.


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Gathered within the fortress of Thesos, the Patriots and friends of the Empire, but also some Rangers and even a Matis Ambassador were disappointed to be announced by Gramald Xarius that the laying of the first brick of the Shield was postponed sine die, since the last delivery by the Barkers had never reached its destination.

Under the direction of Azazor, akenak of Thesos, the gathered homins went up the track in vain until they learned from Pebus Ibiraan that, as the drilling camp had been ravaged by the Marauders, the convoy, for lack of materials to ship, had not departed.

After bitter debates, the akenak was able to report to Gramald the conditions of the Barkers for them to resume their deliveries: from five to ten Thesos guards at the drilling site and an escort for the future convoy.

The patriots, back in Thesos, faced a new obstacle: the Strategos seemed to have vanished and it took Eleanides' entire persuasion to get information from Pecus Cegrips and find her cutting some Zoraï bandits to pieces.

As the Strategos seemed impatient to continue its small session, the deal was quickly concluded: the Barkers would have their five guards and the akenak would organize the protection of the last convoy.

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#7 Multilingual 

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The Last Convoy

Gramald Xarius quickly checked the letter before signing it, then entrusted it to the messenger he had sent for.
Akenak Azazor,

As agreed upon in our last meeting, I inform thee that the next and ultimate delivery of the Barkers will be ready on 2h - Dua, Medis 20, 4th AC 2602(*).

Given the recent intervention of the Marauder clans, I ask thee to gather in the greatest discretion patriots and volunteers in order to ensure the protection of this convoy.

The Barkers will be awaiting you at the drilling site they exploit in Oflovak's Oasis.

sharük pyrèkud !

Gramald Xarius, Imperial Academician, Chamber of Honour

* [OOC] On Friday, 5 April 2019 19:00:00 UTC (1 year ago). [/OOC]

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#8 Multilingual 

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Report will be available soon.

#9 Multilingual 

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The Last Convoy – A report

Everything is quiet in this starry night of Sawdust Mines. We can hear the whisper of the wind and some distant roarings.
Suddenly a voice breaks the silence.
"Hey, raspal! Come here, have to tell you what happened to us, we the most beautiful, the strongest... *hiiips*
— Oops! Er… Why did the Bark move?
— Where are you?"
*raspal gruntings*
"Oh, here you are! So listen carefully, I'll tell you the most fabulous of tales.
I, Ibikiros Dyton, departed from our drilling camp in Oflovak's Oasis and relying only on my courage, I conveyed thirty mektoubs loaded with materials all the way to Thesos in order to complete this marvel of Atys, the Great Wall of Thesos!"
*raspal snuffling and snorting*
"Ah ney, there were two, three homins with me, but it's anecdotic. There was the big one, what's his name again, Azatruc. He pretended to take the lead, but he quickly understood where his rightful place was. Iocamus Miros was riding his mek and wanted to lead but he is deaf as a doorpost, so was just me left!
We hadn't walked 30 meters when maras fell on us. I only had to show my axe for them to scatter. Ney, talen! The others hit them on the head a little bit, too. Maras saw that they were overwhelmed, so they didn't persist.
We moved on using the bridges over there."
*big crash of a fall*
"Oops! On the ground again! So why did you make me raise up my hand to show you!"
*raspal gruntings*
"Wham! A smack on one side, a good ice-cold blast on the other, whole rows of kinchers and other varinx collapsed.
Thesos loomed already in the horizon, we were running as only true Fyros know how to but crash: these detal meks started to balk and we had to go on walking at a walking pace!! Walking pace!! We might as well have had the materials carried by the Trykers, would have gone as fast...
Of course, at this pace, the Maras had time to organize themselves for a second attack. It was hotter, but the meks had passed. We watered the Bark with our sap for the greater glory of the Fyros people!"
*clapping of hooves on bark*
"We gave Aemodon Apotis all her stuff, she just had to do the counting.
Then we headed to the bar to wash off all this dust and the smell of the meks.
And to end this glorious day, I won the drinking duel against Azazor!
Long live the Barke…"
*rrrrr zzzzz rrrrr zzzzz*

Silence has fallen back on the Desert.
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