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Hoministas was created for those desiring achievement of the titles "Ranger Aspirant" and "Ranger".

In principle, Hoministas are race, faction, and religion neutral.

Hoministas are grateful for the helpful intervention on Atys by Kami and Karavan, an intervention without which would likely have resulted in the complete elimination of Hominity by Kitins. Therefore, we honor the earned right of Kami and Karavan to exist with us as equal and honored partners on Atys. At the same time, we reject and discourage idolatry -in particular, that which is related to Kami and Karavan.

The guild hall is located in Yrkanis of the Verdant heights.


#2 Multilingual 

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Kwkw :p

Welcome !!!
An (OCC: english speaking) Ranger Guild in Yrkanis ? - I translate your post (in French, as I am in a French Ranger speaking guild) :p

(OCC: Just a suggestion, add your usual time range :p )

My appartement is in Yrkanis.
See you there, then :p



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