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Five friends and I love Ryzom. We tried playing in self-sufficiency: crafting everything, buying nothing from players. It is how we enjoyed the most the game.

What we would have found very great would be to be able to take OP during our progression. This would give a precise goal and would also allow to craft nice stuff.

However, the game being a MMORPG it is impossible to play with OP if you try to play in self-sufficiency.

Hence this question/request:
"Would it be possible for players to host a private serveur instance?"

That way we can just play among ourselfs against NPC, like in a coop-rpg. An other plus would be that, many old games we were playing shut down eventually. And the security to know that the private instance can still run "forever" is nice.

I don't know how hard this would be but I know it is done in other more recent games (but more coop games).

Of course, this could (should) be linked to ryzom and one could say that, to be able to host a private serveur you need to pay X€/months in addition to your normal subscription.

Thanks for reading and considering my (our) question/request.

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In many online game (open source most of them) it is possible yes, but actually not in Ryzom.
The infrastructure is very complicated to install and run, it may evoluate in the future who knows, but not for now.

I invite you to stay tho, and enjoy your game with everyone here, we don't bite (maybe ^^).


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You get the game code and assets (https://bitbucket.org/ryzom/), but not the actual world data which makes up atys and its npcs and quests. Setting up your own shard and client is also possible, but not very well documented. Khaganat for example is a project which tries to build something new based on ryzom, maybe this could be interesting for you. (http://khaganat.net/)



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