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To answer Meubli,
Ranger do have difficult access to Prime Roots, and Marauder do have difficult access to capitals.

However, it would be nice if we all don't over step in comparaison between Marauder and Ranger ...

Simply because Marauder do not have anything, its a special(lost) cause.
So comparing Marauder with any factions do not have any substance for debat.

This is why, i do talk about Patriot and Citizen in my last comment.

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#32 [fr] 

Le mieux à faire serait de supprimer purement et simplement tous les systèmes de téléportation existant ainsi que les rez aux vortex et de renforcer l'unique moyen de transport dont nous disposons, à savoir le mektoub ! C'est le seul système à être totalement neutre.

Quand on meurs on rez dans la ville où on aura placé son point de rez.

La place libérée par les pactes de téléportation sera remplacée par les bottes de fourrage, elle est pas belle la vie ? :)


#33 [fr] 

Perso j ai ete maraudeur et je dois dire que j ai vraiment apprécié le système de déplacement.

D ailleurs je le regrette bien souvent .


#34 [en] 

+1 with the removal of the ranger's rez point with a pvp flag, (unbalanced as hell)
----------------------------------------------------------------- -------------
+1 avec la suppression du rez sur un vortex ranger avec un flag pvp.

Donc soit ça à pas été codé en pensant aux tenants et aboutissants du problème.
Soit ça à été fait sciemment pour embêter Mithian♥ ;D oui, alors, dans ce cas là, on garde ? :D

#35 [en] 

The problem is that by mixing teleportation point( pathways ) and resurrection point( vortex ), it creates this kind of problem that totally breaks the restriction of the PvP flag.

There's another problem as a result, based on this system.
In addition that you don't pay your TPs (25k every 9 days is nothing, it's not even 6 products turned to New Horizon);
You can rez for free, in any area and without paying a pact.
Because your teleportation system is a resurection point.

As simple as that, not your fault, it is the system that is thought of like that, and introduced like that.

Teleportation is very difficult, it's true (but you wanted it, it seems to me, on paper as well as in game);
So lets say you don't pay your TP's... by making a big effort its okay.

But not paying for a rez when all the factions are paying, it's borderline.

Knowing that for the same subscription per month as you, we pay 10k per pact, and this for each teleportation, no matter how many times.
You pay 25k every 9 days, with the possibility of unlimited move, no matter how many times.
Think about it when you tell us, our teleporters are difficult.

Moreover, as a Neutral, not having access to the advantage of guiding powers such as Karavan or the Kami entity seems to me more than logical...

Especially in area 250, and I still don't see how the Rangers are using the vortex in their tunnel, which I quote, are vortex like the others, of the same substance.
While the rest of Atys can't use them...

On paper it's not good from the beginning, but gameplay wise yes it's important that you can like the others rez on your TPs points....
By paying a pact or a recharge of course.

You are overlooking the fact that Kami/Kara/Mara PR/250-zone TPs can be used any time, anywhere, while a Ranger can only get to those areas from specific spots near(ish) to each capitol. And given where some of the respawn points are in relation to TPs, some factions dont' even have to pay to rez in certain regions.

If you want to do a change like this then be even-handed about it.


Do not assume that you speak for all just because you are the loudest voice; there are many who disagree that simply have no desire to waste words on you.
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