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Lamil O'Reier was rubbing his hands. The idea of these festivities organized for the New Year JY 2602 was promising.

Soon to be set up a few metres from the Shadow Runners' taming camp, the Brotherhood of the Fortunate Gubani's own camp would be ready to welcome homins and homines from all horizons, coming to spend their good dappers in the senseless hope of acquiring a zig or a Gubani mount.

Or even the very latest zig frippo, whose demonstration would, he was sure, stir up the lust of the wisest homins. They would all compete to be the first to own it and throw themselves like hungry varinx on the few lots of tokens put up for sale at the auction, which would be the highlight of the opening ceremony of the festivities.

Of course, other games would then await the homins, accessible to the greatest number, and by which the homins could hope to obtain tokens against dappers... A few tokens for the homins, many dappers for the Company.

And if it worked well, he could see himself repeating the operation the following year.

Lamil O'Reier smiled dreamily at this prospect.
Footsteps brought him out of his reverie: Mirkly O'Yrroy had just entered the office, a roller in his hands.

Lamil O'Reier: So these posters, are they ready?
Mirkly O'Yrroy: Yes, the teams are already preparing to post them in the capitals.
Lamil O'Reier: Perfect!

Homines, Homins!
The Brotherhood of the Fortunate Gubani is pleased to invite you to festivities organized on the occasion of this New Year 2602. New games, new rewards at the Wheel. Come to the Gubani taming camp in Void at 0h - Dua, Floris 8, 2nd AC 2602 (*), we will be waiting for you!

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As expected by Lamil O’Reier, a large number of homins had come.

Dozens of homins had gathered at the Shadow Runners taming camp, some in front of the gleaming rooms of the Three Barrels Game, others clustered in front of the enclosure of the brand new frippo zig.

So all that looked particularly good, the dappers were going to flow, that was for sure!

Lamil O'Reier had let them wait a little, to raise the effect of his entrance, then finally he stepped in front of the impatient crowd to announce the festivities programme.

First of all, he presented the brand new Frippo zig, then the games that would be on offer to win tokens: the traditional dice game but, above all, their very latest creation: the "Three Barrels Game".

Finally, saving the best for last, he announced auctions for several lots of tokens: 200 fine tokens, 100 choice tokens, and an extremely rare lot of 5 excellent tokens.

Then he left the floor to the auctioneer, Mirkly O'Yrroy, who immediately began the auction.

Between each lot, in order to make gamblers wait during the inevitable verification of the dappers given by the winner of the auction, Blathwick Mac'Wirrel, the accountant of the Brotherhood of the Fortunate Gubani, invited homins to a small dice game with nothing less than choice tokens as a reward, or even excellent for the luckiest ones.

Everything was going well when suddenly, an explosion occurred, in the area of the Three Barrels Game. An explosion... far stronger than the fun little "BOOM" planned by the organizers.

Rushing to the scene, the cashier could only make a terrible observation: all the present tokens had been destroyed or severely damaged.

It didn't prevent the auctions from going on, returning during this evening not less than 110 millions dappers to the Brotherhood of the Fortunate Gubani.

Of course this impressive amount had filled Lamil O’Reier with joy, but his enthusiasm was cooled down by the need to close the Three Barrels Game stands. The more modest gamblers had no more way to spend their precious dappers during this festivities, which was an intolerable loss of incoming and a damaging blow to the Brotherhood of the Fortunate Gubani reputation.

As the manufacturing process of the tokens was complex and expensive, to avoid any counterfeiting, he would have to spend an exorbitant sum to have new ones produced quickly, and, in any case he could never provided the Three Barrels Game before the end of the festivities.

And then there was the question of that explosion. Simple accident due to wrong dosage?

Or was it sabotage?

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