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Félicitations aux nouveaux Rangers ! :)

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Félicitations aux nouveaux Rangers ! :)

Merci! :) / Thank You! :)

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Kwkw Rangers, my Friends Wand and Tryroamer needs help for oflovak's trial, they log in the same time as the other EU players.

They currently have no masters and have low dig in jungle to do it by themselves, help would be much appreciated

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talked with Tryroamer.

Kiwalie, me and him would be ok on the 14th Thurday 9 pm. Droo, will you be available that day ?

You need to:
* Have your title "Aspirant Ranger",
* be on Silan at 9pm (Berlin and Paris time)


#20 [en] 

Hello everybody

I'll be there

See you on Thursday !

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si il n'y a en cette heure de catastrophe en lvr (la vie reele)* par exempel, mais oui, moi aussi comme Wand a dit 8))

....je veux definitivement attender cette Ranger rite! vendredi, 14 mars 2019 vingt-et-un heures paris = berlin le soir 8))

je me remercier pour tout qui essayer nous aider, dans tous les cas, pour tout l'aide, que soit utile ou inutile ;)

*on peut voir: https://www.wordreference.com/enfr/whether
"Toute personne, qu'elle soit riche ou pauvre, peut étre touché par une catastrophe naturelle."

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oops! as i tried to using french (very poorly i must assume 8/ ....
yes, of course! i definitely ditto Wand's response...:
barring real life catastrophe or such like, then i definitely intend to be their to risk attempting the Ranger Rite 8)

That be of course at 21 o'clock on the 14th of March 2019 at the Silan situated starting point for the Ranger rite ... can hardly wait!

oh, and thank you to all helpful helpers thereby and to all helpers, who as likely to be in my case, not all that helpful after all but at least tried 8))

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Perfect :p

See you this evening, then :p


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Multilingual | [English] | Français
kwkw, Hi,

We will organise very soon, for one of our guildies, Ornella, the ranger mission on Silan (Ranger rite).

So, if you need help, check on here (thanks to add your time ranger, and to propose at least 2 dates), as I will post the date :p


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Multilingual | Français | [English]
On Staterday the 23th March, 21h Paris time, on Silan


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I will try to be there for you then to help out tomorrow, at 21hours ... hope to be actually helpful in some capacity then 8) .... looking forward to it ;)

oops! sry, that is of course not as Trytrytry but rather as Tryroamer, sry 8/

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