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Hi All,

So I've just become a Ranger Aspirant and would really like to finish the Ranger Rite but I have no clue where to go from here. Apparently there are no Ranger meetings incoming so where does a Ranger Aspirant go for help actually joining the faction? My fames are all good and ready to start the rite. A bit off topic, but dispite finishing the pathfinding mission and sending a support ticket, I still don't have my apprentice pathfinder title. So is Ranger still a thing in this game? If anyone can point me in the right direction please do! Thanks.


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If you completed your Aspirant training and built your fame to factions and civilizations, you can continue with the rite itself. Visit Xypholion Ioros in Lands to Explore (commonly known as Silan). He is a Ranger Instructor for the rite. However you will need to join forces with another Ranger Aspirant or a trained Ranger and you need to have skills to face strong kitins and have knowledge in jungle forage.

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Thank you very much for responding to me Moniq, this is very helpful info.

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Thanks to all who have posted info about the Rangers in the forums.

That being said, my fame is all 50 and I seem to just need a party of Rangers to take the rite. If anyone is willing to help please send me a tell or mail. Europe area player, but I might be willing to wake up early if no one else is about near my timezone. Thanks :)



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What is your time zone, Bayou?


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Timezone UTC +1. Craftjenn is going to try an get me in on one of their guild rites but not sure if or when its happening yet.

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Don't worry, we don't forget you.

Shlass will do it with you soon :p


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I'm looking forward to it! :D

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We will do it on Monday, 8:30pm (Paris time)


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I will make sure I'm in Ryzom at that time!

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We will do it again, as we failed. We said wednesday, but Shlass cant' do it, neither Soifong.
We will shorlty find an other date


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Ranger rite : Wednesday the 6th Feb, 8:30 pm Paris time.

+ We will organize an other one, an other day (as Shlass can't be here on Wednesday)


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I can come whenever is good for your guild. Just as long as the guild takes the rite at night again! Thanks for your help :)
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