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Why join the swedish fish?
Because we are tasty!

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I guess it is better than being a fishy Swede! welcome to Ryzom

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Woot, Love the guild logo :)

Much better than my squashed bug impression.

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I agree the guild logo looks realy cool (they should call themselves the 'Swedish Lobsters')

Welcome to Ryzom!

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my aunts been to sweden.....
says its quite nice....
well its not.....
(only kidding / anyone get the reference)

welcome to the jungle tasty fish :o)


mayhem - where no one is an island

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moose bites can be quite nasty mind you....

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Thank you for the welcomes.

Hehe. I know what you mean Ghuiss.

No Fishy Swedes.. Just delicious gummy fishies.

See you around Atys!
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