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Do you want to see better Sage missions?
Yes! I love this Idea!
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10 (1)
No, I am a stick in the mud and want no changes to Ryzom! 0
Hmmm I don't know, maybe
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I have a different Idea...
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#1 [en] 

Ok, after thinking of it a bit I have a suggestion for the Sage missions:

1. Fix the current sage missions so that the rewards are worth doing them. currently, by the time you can do them efficiently the prizes are too low for your level. So, improve the rewards I say.

2. make another sage mission for each land given by the Sages. Similar to the current ones, BUT, very much and i mean very much harder for MASTERS! And give them rewards along the way that befit the effort.

3 make another sage mission given by the Sages that perhaps gives NCP marauder armor after a very very hard time also. Perhaps a mission that can be done again and again for multiple pieces of armor that randomly changes each time you take it. And did I say each mission should be HARD? :D (Or maybe not Armor pieces, but crystals and parts you need to make it?)

(or a combination of #2 and #3 together)

all missions should only be allowed to do solo.

Adding the missions and rewards should be very easy to do.

The current sage missions are annoyingly fun and if the rewards were worth it, then more might do them.

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#2 [en] 

The rewards are good for f2p toons (especially the helmet :) ), although the sets are often incomplete. So an additional tier for Master level players and complete armor set and at least half of jewel sets would be nice.

#3 [en] 

I'm all for new missions, but I'd prefer to have the first tier of Sage missions for low level players be finished first. (i.e. Sage mission for the Marauders, Rangers, etc.)

Other than that, harder missions would be a welcome addition, but I wouldn't make them reward NPC armor willy-nilly. Maybe a Supreme set that's exclusive, like the Medium Armor you get from Chiang on Silan, but not NPC. Personally, I'd like to keep NPC armor as the highest exclusivity.


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#4 [en] 


[ ] Yes! I love this Idea!
[ ] No, I am a stick in the mud and want no changes to Ryzom!

It should be avoided to use suggestive or judgemental wording in a questionnaire. The goal should be a map of current player opinions to base a decision upon or for any other reasons.

A correction could look like this:

[ ] Yes
[ ] No

If you want a more detailed feedback one could add weighting from let's say 1 (I don't care) to 5 (super important) to each question. This way one could for example say "Yes I want changes, but it is not important to me" ... because I never play these missions or whatever.

Sorry for the rant, I used to earn my money with this stuff.

I personally would love to see more content for all player ranges, late game content should be as important as beginner content. Over time all players eventually land at the late / end game.


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#5 [en] 

Your poll is tendentious :P

I disagree with making sage missions focused on high(er) level players. It is a nice next step after city welcomer missions, for levels 50-100 and the reward corresponds these levels.

However nothing against new missions for higher levels if you miss it. There is always place for a good mission on Atys. Now... who will write it? :)

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#6 [en] 

Yes, forgive me on the poll, it was very biased and I apologize, let me see if I can change or cancel it.
Again, sorry. XD

Bah! I tried, but don't know how to change it, maybe the next idea is being able to "Edit" Polls or "Cancel" them in mid-polling time? hmmm Just a thought. But I guess not because that would just mess everything up, like polls that went horribly wrong..... etc.. oh well.

NOTE: If you vote "NO" You are NOT a Stick in the Mud! I am only teasing you for disagreeing with me. But it is Ok to disagree with me! Please do, because I want to know what you guys think!

Actually, Forget the poll! Just reply with your thoughts please.

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#7 [en] 

The more missions and rewards pushed out of the realm of newcomers, the less newcomers...

#8 [en] 

I mean, Sages are experts in their fields and the missions have you going to lvl 200 and 250 regions. There is definately logic behind masters being able learn more from the Sages than their f2p counterparts. The missions could even be PR based to involve all factions.

#9 [en] 

NPC armors... no thanks. be realistic please :)
LA generic plan maybe? :P

To answer also, the choice F2P isn't a friendly option because WG love you.
It mean to test the game, enjoy it and then you choose to support it ( or not ).
But if you do in exchange the game give you access to "theoricaly" more content.

So there is clearly nothing wrong to give missions allowed to subscribed account only ( or end game content users ).

High level missions, can also be available to low level players, but they will need a party to do it.

Nothing wrong with this too, since Ryzom on Silan push you to play in party, and not by yourself.
Wich is certainly avoided in mainland, because no content for high levels players, you can basicaly do everything by yourself.
That another subject.

For me its a yes, if its well writted :)

Would be very nice to see solo missions for high level players and mid players, also party missions for everyone ( including F2P ).

Because well actualy, almost all nations quests that exist in Ryzom can be done in F2P.


#10 [en] 

The more missions and rewards pushed out of the realm of newcomers, the less newcomers...

The first suggestion was not to make the current Sage missions harder, but to change their rewards so that they are more appropriate to the level at which people usually finish them.

The next suggestion was to *ADD* higher level missions. This should, if done properly, encourage F2P to become subscribers and thus support the game in order to get the neat loot.

With respect to that, I cannot see Mara NPC armor as being a reasonable reward. It currently takes a full team (at least) to get access to a single piece of NPC armor. Solo? No way.

The possibility of access to unique armor that is not the level of the current NPC armor and which has a unique look (after completing all four (or five or six) Advanced Sage Missions would be super cool.

The current Sage missions are of highly variable quality (imnsho), but do have engagement of the player if the player has any interest in RP.


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#11 [en] 

Thank you Bitttymacod, you explained exactly what I meant for the current sage missions (#1).

For #'s 2 and 3, ok, so maybe not get NCP armor, but I was thinking that just like the current sage missions have you run back and forth, back and forth, from city to city and you get rewarded an amp, or a boot, or a sword as you complete parts of the mission. So I say, make the master mission the same. Reward an amp (a masters amp!), a good piece of armor, (a masters armor), or a Masters sword. But they should be good ones! And, the missions should be hard. That would make it fun and... to be done solo!

Another reward might be to reward supreme mats, maybe as you complete parts of the mission you can get 5 sup zun, or maybe sup kinrey parts, or another mat. A few sup craftable mats would make it interesting, but this is negotialble, the rewards can be different for each regions sage. Or maybe Sap crystals, whatever.

The rewards can be thought about and debated, and negotiated properly, but the point is to get another mission from each Sage that the MASTERS can do and be entertained and rewarded approprately.
Not just the one currently from each Sage that newbies to mid-level players do.

#12 [en] 

I disagree with those who say the rewards from sage missions are good for f2p. By the time I was done with the igaras for the fyros sage, I was already pushing level 120-125 in melee, able to use q150 weapons. And the reward is a ... q120 rifle (or q130) ? Bah.

Even if the player would never subscribe, at some point they will participate in enough hunts to obtain q150 items made with outpost materials + supremes, outclassing the equivalent sage items *again*.

But if you do subscribe and you do continue leveling, these items end up invariably in the discard pile. At some point in another guild, I had several sets of the sage HA, donated by guildmates who no longer had a use for them.

So .. at the very least, the level of the item rewards should be bumped to q150, to extend their viability.


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#13 [en] 

q150 would mean that only minimaster could equip. Currently the q120 has higher HP bosst than non-sage q150 items.

#14 [en] 

Thanks Bitttymacod. My comment was more of a reminder than a critique.
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