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Hello, i would like to propose a little addition for RPlayers. I'm using the /random command to put some unexpectedness in my tryker girl life, but result is visible in around channel and so , it's a little boring for RP things.
On the other side, /random is used for dice games. In this way, it is important that the result is visible for all around.
So the question is : would it be difficult to duplicate the /random command and create a /random public which will appear in around and a /random private which will be visible only in syst-info ?
I offer a kiss for the one who developp this command :-)

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If it will help you i can make small "ramdom" app.

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Hello !

Here is what you asked for:

Private dice roll to make important decision in a RolePlay context.
The usage is the same as before, but adding "hide" or "h" at the end of the command will give you the result in private (Sys.info).
/random [<min>] <max> [<h|ide>]

Waiting to be validated now.

Stay tuned & enjoy Atys!

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Yeah Marvelous!!!
Here's your kiss!
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