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Over the years when the topic of rites has come up, there's been a very common warning put out to not complete the Tykers and Lake Materials Rite, due to the reward being seen as more bad than good.

In fact the only good thing about it that I've heard from others is that when you dig auto-generated sources (ie: florist pistils and the like) you get your focus back when the source runs out like you do from prospected sources.

Why not just make that the benefit? Drop the source time bonus down to a negligible amount like 0.1 seconds or the like and let focus recovery from natural source be the only benefit of the rite.


#2 [en] 

As far as i know all rites will have a revision in the future. But for this Tryker Lake Materials Rite especially was discussed in the past, to add a foraging stanza as bonus, so that every Homin can decide to use or not.

For me a stanza seems to be the better way, to handle different actions of foraging. So it could be used if you dig auto-generated sources, and not for a "normal" digging action (depends on the players choice).

But in every case i'm pretty sure, that everyone could be able to compensate the time-bonus-part of the actually given rite-bonus before focus runs out by having and using two digging actions.

But this makes digging not as comfortable as it is without the rite bonus. And this seems to be the real problem, because a time bonus isn't real needed for level 200+ diggers.

Solving this means, to let the player decide if a digging bonus is wanted or not. And so a new stanza instead of an automated added bonus is the best way to solve.
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