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Hello. I can't play much of Ryzom without the game inevitability causing my whole computer to freeze and crash, seemingly in an infinite loop.

I am not sure why Ryzom crashes but it has been this way since I first installed the game. I tried to put all the graphics I could find on the lowest setting but I still experience crashes ever time I play.

My computer hardware is an Intel Core Dou P8400, with Intel GMA 4500GMT graphics, and 8GB of RAM. I run Trisquel 8 GNU/Linux (based on Ubuntu 16.04) with Mate and OpenGL 2.x.

When I first downloaded the game, I encountered the same GNU/Linux errors that someone else posted about here: 5#15

So, I fixed those errors by following the installation instructions on that thread (downloaded from ve_data.7z if I remember correctly).

Here's a pastebin of my client.log file:

When I run ./crash_report all I get is a blank screen with the "Exit" button and this terminal output:

I am not sure if the read/write/excute permissions are what they are suppose to be, but they look ok; just in case here are some of the permissions of the ryzom directory:

Is it possible to run Ryzom without it crashing on my computer? If so, do you have any idea how to stop Ryzom from crashing?

Thank you all in advance for your time :)

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Hey :)
1. When have you downloaded the installer from We update the Installer for some days to fix this error while downloading files.

2. When you crash?
It's happend while you run arround,fight play?
It's happend by teleport or entry your GH Room?
Or its crash randomly without do anything?

3. What we know is that if you have the Sounds enabled a lot of ppl have problems...
Pleas try open the config tool (befor you start the client) and disable the sounds from ryzom client and try again.

4. About Grafiks have you try to used a other Grafik Driver? (also used the config tool), there is a setting for the textures maybe you can try disable this too

Let me know if something help or you still have crashes!
Best regards Riasan

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Hey Riasan :) thank you for your reply.

1. Last time I tried downloading and installing from was about two months ago, so I tried installing it again now. When I try to download and install the client from now, I still get the same error I did before: "File is larger 3660309812B than expected (1786258740B)."

2. Sometimes I crash randomly. For example, I once started the game, went afk, came back, and noticed the computer crashed while the game was still at the character login screen.

Most of the time, I crash when I do something more intensive such as: fighting, or foraging for raw materials, or moving the screen while running. The chances of a crash seem to increase when I am in battle. I cannot battle in a group with other players without crashing.

3. Whenever I disable all the sound in ryzom_configuration_qt and click "OK" or "Apply" and exit the configuration, the sound automatically gets re-enabled immediately once I exit the configuration window.

This prevents me from using ryzom_configuration_qt to disable audio before I launch the game. Maybe this right here is the problem :D :D :D!

Here's a paste of what I get when the ryzom configuration tool is launched:

I can disable audio in the game after I launch the client.

4. All the levels of display details have been on the lowest setting in ryzom_configuration_qt.

Nope, I haven't tried using another graphics driver. By default in ryzom_configuration_qt I had "Specify if Ryzom is to be run in OpenGL or Direct3D" set to "Auto." Now I have the option set to "OpenGL" since I cannot select Direct3D.

I tried launching the game on the OpenGL driver, disable audio in game and I still crash. If necessary, I can take a screenshot of my settings.

Maybe there is another way to disable audio before the game launches?

Thanks again of the help!

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Not sure what I did differently this time, but I was able to disable sound before I launched the client and that fixed the crashes :)

The problem was apparently the sound. I am not crashing any more. :D I'm thrilled I can play now.

Thanks, again, for your help and suggestions, Riasan.

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I am running Ubuntu 18 now, but it was ok with 16 (old LTS)...

Looks like you maybe have 2 different installations (I have a similar issue but without any crashes, following an upgrade, working on it right now). Such as steam + a other one.

About the issue about size, it's quite common when the server does not respond fastly - that's why I guess some homins prefers install using Steam (I guess steam servers are faster?).
Usually you have to save then remove/uninstall and try to re-install.


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Not sure what I did differently this time, but I was able to disable sound before I launched the client and that fixed the crashes :)

The problem was apparently the sound. I am not crashing any more. :D I'm thrilled I can play now.

One thing I've seen over the years is a lot of folks turning off the sound for stability. The reason I mention it is that most of them have one thing in common; they run Linux.


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