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#1 Multilingual 

Multilingual | Français | [English]
I use my friends list as a contact list, or even a watch list sometimes.

That's why I would like it to be improved for everyone with the display of each player's nations and factions (a bit like the pvp tags in patch 1.10 if I remember correctly).

I would also like to be able to add a note about the contacts I want. For example, "he is my jewelry crafter", "she is the high officer of the XXX guild".

Being able to sort players by faction or nation would be a plus.

Being able to create groups / categories within the friends list would be a plus.

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#2 [fr] 

Ha oui, ca serait super ca !!

#3 [fr] 

Sans aller jusqu'aux notes sur chaque joueur, un simple système de catégories pour trier sa friendlist serait très pratique!

Par contre je ne suis contre pouvoir afficher faction/nation; aujourd'hui on a pas moyen de le savoir en dehors de la guilde ou d'un éventuel tître (dans ce cas c'est volontairement affiché par le joueur); ça casserait un peu le mystère!

#4 [en] 

No thanks. Perhaps custom notes you can write would be fine, but I feel stuff like automatically filtering by citizenship or affiliation would be a detriment and an invasion of privacy of sorts. I see some repercussions in the aspect of roleplaying and some OOC/HRP situations. To be blunt, I'm noticing a trend of transparency recently, but when it comes to character data, I find things like Ryzom Armory extremely invasive, and this is in the same vein.

Also, like Zarden said, assuming google translate is accurate, it would ruin the mystery.


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