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This is weird

After the latest patch, when using XFCE as my desktop manager, I CANNOT play Ryzom, as I am unable to close windows via the 'x' button and the sub widows within Ryzom are absolutley unusable. (cannot expand a menu or anything.

However, within LXDE, everythingis absolutely usable and functional (with a single exception which I will not mention).

My question is WHY?


Just asking for input, please...

Thank you for any answers, and have a good game!

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I hope you have found a solution but if not there is this:

I have had similar (not quite the same) problems since the patch.  I have just posted a fix here:


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No, it has not been fixed, yet. But I will look at the link after I log out.

Thank you!

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OK, I looked at it. SInce I use Linux I will have to figure out the path to the files from Windows/Apple.

I will do that "in the fullness of time"

Thank you, again, for your suggestion.

Have a good game!

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On Linux look into installation folder or your home directory, like ~/.ryzom there are no other places where the client has files, afaik

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Thanks Karu!

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That is assuming that you are not a total geek (yes, I am) and have ryzom installed in /opt/ryzom..... like I do.


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I had previously COMPLETELY deleted Ryzom, downloaded the most recent client, installed it. I also got the latest Nvidia driver, and checked that my kernel is the most recent for my distro (it is).

Thus, it was an entirely "fresh start". Also, I looked around and could not make sense of these files, so in short: it didn't work.


Have a good game!


I am a Fyros. What more do I have to say other than that?
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