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After several trials of occupations, and if we consider these as a financial income, I realize that there is not necessarily a big advantage to progress in the profession, indeed the exchange price is the same whatever the quality of work provides. Should not we offer a little more dappers to people who provide objects of better quality?
-> Note also that in certain regions like the jungle, it is almost impossible for me to exchange my objects, they never need materials !! and I do not like to work for nothing.[/EN]


Mak i Talash
Refyia Abydeps

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Or maybe offer less dappers for lower grade products?

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Refyia --

You can always exchange your Magnetic maps for dappers at the other Nations. They aren't linked to just one area.

The primary purpose of the Occupations is not revenue generation but production of usable objects that help you -- that is the reason to advance the Occupation. You can always make lower level results to feed NH.


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Yes i know Bittymacode, but i only want mats purple for my craft !! and its's zorai


Mak i Talash
Refyia Abydeps
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