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Désolé de te dire ça @Moniq, mais ta communauté à une réaction assez forte à ton poste, la plus part des réponses ne sont pas réflechis, de l'ironie gratuite venu de nul part, et c'est en aucun cas constructif.
Toute réaction a une cause.

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The subject is very interesting and the feedback from the players is always very useful. Nevertheless, please take particular care in your words so as not to offend other players, which could damage the debates.
Thank you .

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I have to agree with some of Scoobys' thoughts and Bitttymacods': I think it is a huge disadvantage to have to "Go to a spot" to 'TP' to "Another Spot." It is very similar to the New horizons guys. So, imagine having to run out of town, find the NH guy, tp to a spot, then do it 2 more times to get to Forbidden depths, or somewhere else. So in my heart, some changes sound good, but also, I kind of like the difficulty, so I am torn. I kind of like the idea of not knowing if the Kipuckas are going to eat me when I TP to the void. Often, I laugh a lot when they do! lol. Sure, it is bothersome if I am running to help with a boss in PR. But it is funny and adds to the game for me. So, i think that I am opposed to making the ends of the paths safe spots. Unless, you can make a way for you to re-TP back, or in other words, run back into the 'pathway / cave' for safety if you see the kipuckas right on top of you? It's probably not worth implimenting in the game, and most would oppose or not use it, but it would make common sense. Maybe a 5 second 'safe' time, where you get 5 seconds to start running, or hit MPA or Invul. or TP back, or fight the sucker! :D

Otherwise, I find it a pain to TP to Zora, then run out of town to 'get to the spot,' then 'TP / use the path,' 2-3 times to get back to Wastelands near where I was when I died, BUT.... It is the path I chose! (pun intended) :D

So, I can accept the way things are now, and live without any changes although it be very difficult.
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