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This small tutorial shows how to use a craft simulator, a material database and a recipe generator with the ingame browser or any supported device.

  • craft simulator - use the built-in Craft: Recipe-Book webapp
  • material database - use the 3rd party Molly's Materials webapp
  • recipe generator - use the 3d party Molly's Recipes webapp

Craft: Recipe-Book

Make sure to check the small checkbox on the bottom right side to see the calculated values.

Molly's Materials

This is one of the oldest webapps even before webapps were officially available. Formerly known as rzdb or arcdb this handy little table allows for filtering and sorting of materials to find exactly what you need.

Molly's Recipes

This webapp guides you through a series of questions and comes up with a recipe suggestion. It might not always be the perfect solution, but a good starting point for your own crafting adventures.


Stop spoiling me with tools! I want to learn how it works and create my own projects!

No problem, just have a look at these forum posts going into more details of the crafting mechanics:

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All we need now is an "Export" feature to "Crafting Ranges" :)


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Thank you everyone for the ongoing support and ideas for these apps. Much appreciated!



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