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Posters were displayed in the Fyros cities and in all the capitals of Atys:

Hominas and homins,

Fyros alchemist Gakotis Zen is organizing a botanical excursion across the Desert on 14h - Quarta, Floris 16, 1st AC 2599 for all interested Atys residents, except the Marauders.
Meet him in front of Pyr main entrance, Cerakos Gate.

(*) [HRP] On Thursday, 12 July 2018 19:00:00 UTC (6 years ago). [/HRP]

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Fall in Imperial Dunes

Mohe, Magies, Northstar, Soleya & Jazzy at the foot of the botoga

The salvola

Gakotis Zen, a prosaic alchemist, by the savaniel

The loojine

The bothaya

The shooki

The papalaxi of The Lucenthead Hurst

The olansi of the Desert (and three shookis)

The olash (and five caprynis)

The liketim (and six of its brothers)

The nocturnal botanists (Louteisang, Northstar, Magies, Makira & Gakotis Zen)


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