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Dear all,

after a brief but fruitful late-night conversation I had with our beloved FF on the subject of Greslin Picks, and how unfortunate their position is in terms of any/all (aside from generic I guess) kind of picks, I came up with a potential way to increase the viability of said picks.

The main problem I have with Greslin Picks is that the proc chance only applies to one of your sources. Whereas this is nice and all I guess for newer players who make their first steps on our lovely planet, even to them, the usefulness of having a Greslin pick rapidly decreases as they are able to prospect more and more sources.

An idea which I had, and briefly discussed in the uni channel today, to increase the Greslin Pick viability, would be to keep the proc chance the same, if needed, but to extend it to apply to all prospected sources.

Example: Now the case is that I prospect say 8 sources, greslin procs on only one, and I might not even end up digging that source for many reasons, too far, macro digging, didn't notice which one had the greslin proc effect etc.

The proposed change is: the proc chance remains the same, but it applies to all sources; if greslin procs, all your prospected sources in the prospecting action in which the greslin procced will have the greslin effect; instead of just the one.

I believe this would make the Greslin Picks significantly better, without vastly altering them, nor making them "over-powered". But it would potentially add them in actuality in the game, and players would have a bit more of a free-range of choices in which pick to choose when digging. (Especially those that adore explosion-digging).

As always,



ps. Because I understand Greslin Picks are a commotion for the owners of Outposts, and some people might not care because they are not part of a guild that owns one, I publicly commit that should the change take place, I will distribute every and all pieces of Greslin that are made available to myself to any homin or homina wanting one. The availability of the mat should not delay the change, if such a change is welcomed by the community, and as such I commit to do my part in an attempt to overcome that obstacle.

-French Version using Translator (mostly)-

hers tous,

après une brève mais fructueuse conversation de fin de soirée que j'ai eue avec notre FF bien-aimée au sujet de Greslin Picks, et à quel point leur position est malheureuse en termes de tout (sauf générique) choix, je suis venu avec un moyen potentiel d'augmenter la viabilité de ces choix.

Le principal problème que j'ai avec Greslin Picks est que la chance proc s'applique uniquement à l'une de vos sources. Alors que c'est sympa et tout ce que je suppose pour les nouveaux joueurs qui font leurs premiers pas sur notre belle planète, même pour eux, l'utilité d'avoir un Greslin diminue rapidement car ils sont capables de prospecter de plus en plus de sources.

Une idée que j'ai eu, et brièvement discutée dans le canal uni aujourd'hui, pour augmenter la viabilité de Greslin Pick, serait de garder la même chance, si nécessaire, mais de l'étendre à toutes les sources prospectées.

Exemple: Maintenant, le cas est que je prospect 8 sources, greslin procs sur un seul, et je ne pourrais même pas finir par creuser cette source pour de nombreuses raisons, trop loin, macro creuser, n'a pas remarqué lequel avait l'effet greslin proc etc.

Le changement proposé est: la chance de proc reste la même, mais elle s'applique à toutes les sources; si greslin procs, toutes vos sources prospectées dans l'action de prospection dans laquelle le greslin a procuré aura l'effet greslin; au lieu d'un seul.

Je crois que cela rendrait les Greslin Picks nettement meilleurs, sans les altérer énormément, ni les rendre «trop puissants». Mais il serait potentiellement les ajouter dans l'actualité dans le jeu, et les joueurs auraient un peu plus d'un libre choix de choix dans lequel choisir au moment de creuser. (Surtout ceux qui adorent les explosions).

Comme toujours,



ps. Parce que je comprends Greslin Picks sont une agitation pour les propriétaires d'Outposts, et certaines personnes ne s'en soucient pas parce qu'ils ne font pas partie d'une guilde qui en possède un, je publiquement engage que si le changement a lieu, je vais distribuer tous les morceaux de Greslin qui est mis à ma disposition à tout homin ou homine qui en veut un. La disponibilité du tapis ne doit pas retarder le changement, si un tel changement est bien accueilli par la communauté, et en tant que tel, je m'engage à faire ma part pour essayer de surmonter cet obstacle.

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Nice idea, actualy greslin is pretty useless or in rare case.
So good to see an idea to improve it!

The only case it could be "overpowered" is coupled with Egiros..
Lets say you pop 8 "safe" sources, and then you or more dig with egiros picks, win win.
(Sup is already easy to empty and there too much ressource, it isnt "rare" anymore, so if you can dig them in mass without risk; puting aside aggros..)

Overall, +1 for this.

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Maybe we can add something like:

The sources popped by greslin should be dig with an greslin pick otherwise the risk a degrades will be higher ( like you dig at qlt 250 but at one point the action fail and you are now at qlt 230 this kind of things) ?

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I didnt think of the possibility to be exploitable:)

I just thought of digging with the same pick:)

Very good idea:)


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Now that you mention it, it seems that Greslin has this cursed property of being near-impossible to balance right: if you underpower it you make it nearly useless, but if you buff it, you make it nearly invaluable.

I think buffing it to "proc chance for all popped nodes" makes it overpowered. Imagine the guild owning the q250 greslin OP: they can arm their faction with several such picks. One or two persons prospect again and again until they run out of focus -- but between them, they have nearly 100% chance to pop a set of nodes that are "free" to dig. In the span of 3 minutes (until a weather change), another team of master diggers could grab hundreds of materials while keeping no one busy for careplanning.


Instead, if you don't mind the derailing, I would try to think of something that makes greslin usable at lower levels too. Perhaps a bump in proc chance (say ~30-35%), while keeping it confined to one node. This way it would be a nice gift to newcomers, whereas these days q50 / q100 greslin is barely desired.

Additionally, it makes you spend some serious focus just to really get that one safe node ... but, again, as you noticed, you may still not like it (only has 10 mats). Overall, desirability is improved for everyone, while not making one guild/faction go head-over-heels for it.


(Personally, I dream of a day when they take out q50 - q150 greslin altogether, and put in some new mats .. it's high time for some real new content. But that's a pipe dream so I'll stop derailing your thread. Thank you for your attention :D)


Laoviel, officer of Rift Walkers

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I'd like to add .... should be some kind of reward triggered for mastering a region or getting Spirit title. Example:

- Free Credit ... I sure would like to change my Dig Stanza but max credit leaves me 6 focus points short'
- Knowledge 4 ... which tells me how many mats are in each node

These could be tied into using a Greslin Pick.

Another master bonus could be that mastering a region gave you more nodes. Just promoting the concept not the number. But to throw out a straw man, say mastering ...

-1st region gives ya +1 node that is risk free (2 total)
-2nd region gives ya 10% chance
-3rd region gives ya +1 node that is risk free (3 total)
-4th region gives ya 15% chance
-All region gives you immunity while digging to all PvE and PvP attacks

Ok that last one was a) just a joke to see if you are paying attention and b) to emphasize that only the concept being put forth; would need to dwell on potential downsides before recommending any actual numbers.


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