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Without access to the Ranger channel it can be difficult for a Ranger Aspirant to find help.  This Thread will hopefully provide a platform for such discussions. 

I'll start; 

I need help with the Ranger Rite.  I have Ranger Aspirant title and jungle dig 150, as well as ele 244 and heal 158.

Once I have completed the Rite I will offer help here for any who need it.


Sans accès au canal Ranger, il peut être difficile pour un Ranger Aspirant de trouver de l'aide. Nous espérons que ce sujet fournira une plate-forme pour de telles discussions.

Je vais commencer;

J'ai besoin d'aide avec le Rite Ranger. J'ai le titre Ranger Aspirant et la jungle dig 150, ainsi que ele 244 et soigne 158.

Une fois que j'ai terminé le Rite, je vais offrir de l'aide ici pour ceux qui en ont besoin.

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I can help you, try to poke me on RC tomorrow.

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I can help too, if I am on send me a tell

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Why is this in Roleplay section?


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The RP police is here! hide!


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((OOC comment))
Why is this in Roleplay section?

Why not? The Ranger Rite is a roleplay activity.


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((OOC comment))
Why is this in Roleplay section?

Why not? The Ranger Rite is a roleplay activity.

Agreed; why is it your problem Revvy?

Since there's no OOC sub-forum like there is for events, this is the logical place for it since, as Bittty rightly said, the Rite is RP.


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