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This is a collection of notes that Alkiane has kept over the years. According to research carried out by the first of the Alar Kharunden on the New Lands, this one gathers some facts on the history of the founding family of the House Al-Kharun, noble house and mother of the Order, going from the glorious past to the dark hours of disgrace. There are also his comments for each period, and at the end of the document a short introspective passage.


First Chapter: Origin - No specific date

Arunden was the first of our bloodline, he was one of the planetary formers: those of our race created by the Great Mentor himself. Planet-makers assisted the Great Mentor in his role as creator of worlds.

The latter would have noticed our ancestor for the rigor and devotion he put into his task and would have offered him as a reward the right to reproduce. This is how the Arunden Lineage was born. Moreover, the care he gave to the Kamis in his daily work earned him their blessing from his descendants.

Note: I confess I don't understand very well: he worked with the Kamis? But on what subject? What job? Or... what if his work was about creating Kamis?


Second Chapter: Atys - No specific date

I trace our lineage back to Ylio Arunden's homin. The latter was apparently working on the project that Atys would have been. He would have been the head of a "work unit". Being driven by a mad impatience to see his work completed, as well as by a feverish devotion, just like Arunden, he was at the forefront of this project, and allowed a mad acceleration of the process.

Unfortunately, all his work was lost in an unforeseen disaster that caused the Goo.

Note: What process? What are the details of the disaster? Is there any connection between Ylio's impatience and the disaster?


Third Chapter: The Separation of Homins - A blurred period in the Ancient Lands

When the homins separated, our pure and healthy line was of course part of the new Matis people. It was during this transition that the family adopted the surname Alar Kharunden, shortened to al-Kharun, in honor of our founding father.

It was Vadyli al-Kharun who took over the House following these events. Then followed the great battles against these so weak but numerous Trykers, and it was there that Vadyli was noticed for his qualities as commander within the King's army. It seems that it was he who led the decisive raid against the Tryker nation's capital city. He would have wiped them all out without any scruples, to the glory of our people. It is also he who would have drawn the King's attention to the usefulness of arming the Fyros to use them as an army against all threats from the Goo. And when he died on the battlefield it was his son Elto who commanded the al-Kharun patrols that helped drive the Zorai back into the Goo-infected territories.

Note: Our family can be very proud of having ancestors whose lives are so fulfilled! In abandoning the irony, I sincerely wonder if our storybooks do not embellish our past a bit.

Fourth Chapter - The Dark Ages - Around the War of Civilizations

During this long period our family, from its privileged position with the King and his family, declined to the rank of intermediate house, thus losing the pomp and luxury that life at court had accustomed us to have.

This decline came from the loss of Karavia, while its guard, traditionally provided by five noble Matis families, included an al-Kharun garrison. The defeat covered our family with shame and ejected them from the close circle of the royal family. It was only under Aniro III, during the raid to reconquer the city, that a knight of our family: Ollio al-Kharun, could restore our honor by demonstrating his exceptional talent as a fighter and tactician during a military operation in the heart of the city.

But the harm was done and our lineage, without being disgraced, was no longer welcome on the King's sides.

Note: The loss of our privileged position with the royal family is a setback that is still difficult to bear today. We must plan for our return to the forefront of the political scene that our enemies allude to it to discredit us.


Fifth Chapter: Lyassallanna Alar Kharunden – Quinteth, Germinally 15, 1er CA 2518

My temperament earned me the nickname " Wrath ", and my ambitions are clearly stated. First and only child of my parents I inherit the responsibility of leading our House towards a future where it will again be at the forefront of the Matis Kingdom.

Recently, former allies have resurfaced, and I sincerely hope that they will join the House. We will thus be able to seize every opportunity to regain our place, just like this non-aggression agreement with a Zoraï ethnic group: who would have believed one day that this could happen?

We are avant-gardists, inevitably I would say when one is an ambitious woman in a sexist culture. But my femininity will be far from being an obstacle, I would know how to transform it into an asset...


Sixth Chapter: The Wrath’s Appeasement, by Boga and Syhn – Quinteth, Medis 11, 1er CA 2525

"She had the perseverance, devotion and rigor of the Alar Kharunden. She who, at every opportunity, had fun bragging to us about the exceptional nobility of her lineage. She who had the strength and ambition to lead the House Al-Kharun as close as possible to the Royal family, to Yrkanis himself."

An hour ago, our dear Wrath, while you were on your deathbed, you made Syhn and myself, Boga, swear to do everything to preserve the values that Al-Kharun defends and to reach the ends of his ambitions. From our ambitions to all of us.

We have sworn in front of you and the goddess. May Jena welcome you and preserve you. That you are beautiful Wrath, now that you have found eternal peace.


Seventh Chapter: The Sap of Matis Renewal - Prima, Germinally 13, 2e CA 2525

Here begins the history of the Alkiane Order.

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HRP: ces notes sont elles accessibles? Et est-ce une pure invention ou il y a un rattachement à la lore derrière tout ça?


fyros pure sève
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HRP : Oui c'est accessible.
Pour les chapitres 1 à 5, c'est directement tiré de l'histoire de la guilde Al Kharun (web archive de Cette guilde a changé de domaine peu après la release de Ryzom pour, et en même temps former l'actuelle guilde Alkiane. Colere, Boga et Syhn ne sont pas des noms inventés mais bien des pseudo de personnages qui ont existés.
Le chapitre 6 (et 7) est de ma main. 
Il n'y a pas de rattachement particulier à la lore d'aujourd'hui. J'aurais pu adapter les écrits originaux mais j'ai préféré, pour le respect de l'auteur, et l'authenticité de l'histoire, garder l'original.

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