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Je pensais au système comme sur nos... nos chères amis Cratchakin et Kizokoo qui sont plutôt sympa... Et puis.. l'idée m'est venu.. Et pourquoi pas un Boss Kitin basé sur le même système?

Je m'explique: Ce serait en plusieurs "phases"...

1. Un spot de Kidinak
2. Un spot de Kirosta...

Et ainsi de suite pour tous les Kitins aggro existants...

Puis, le pop de la Reine Kitin

Le nombre de mob et la vie du roi sont/est adaptable pour le niveau de difficulté que vous voulez lui donner.

La Kitinière n'a principalement pour usage à ce jour que les Métiers et Kizokoo.. Alors que ça pourrait être beaucoup plus.

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I was thinking about Cratchakin system... What is wonderful.. And then.... Was thinking about.. Why not a Kitin Boss what get the same system?

For example:

1. One spot of Kidinak
2. One spot of Kirosta

And same thing for each type of Kitin what are aggro

Then the Kitin Queen spawn.

The number of mobs and the boss could be adapted for le level of difficulty you want to give to this.

For now, the Kitin Lair is intresting only for Occupations and Kizokoo. It can be sooo much more than that.

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Guild Leader of Shuriiken


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Officier ou Clan de la Sève Noire

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I like Terminator Kipee there :P

The whole KL area needs a lot of work. Would be nice as a future task.

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I'd even go as far as to suggest to make it like a Raid activity;

Situate it in one of the "unused" parts of the lair; (the hill which leads to nothingess but a" view" would be my location of choice for example).

Have it require a set number of people, full team, and specific time-frame to complete; if u fail u fail, u can't re-enter for x amount of time, another team has the chance to try it, or as Mithian said, have it have an entry requirement of 6+ people and its difficulty is adjusted by the members of the team.

Oh and make it super difficult; hell even Kinkoo can be done with 3 toons that know how to work together; give us something really really REALLLYYYYY tough.

Something like the mechanics used in Dante+Pei; but something new as well.

Overall, I support the idea tho:)



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Et +1 aussi sur le fait que la Kitinière pourrait être bien plus que ce qu'elle est présentement !

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Hi there :)

Sure the kitin Lair is empty at the moment. By the way why did the kipesta patrols were removed ? pity.

But I don't think a kitin queen could be introduced as a boss to kill every 4 days or so. It's more on a scale of a big event.

Smaller lairs like desertstock, tunnel of Hoe, Demon lap etc, could also be redesigned for more challenge and interest, with maybe less consequences from a raid on it, as a massive kitin counter attack if homins would dare attack a queen.

by "queen", I'm not talking about kizarak specimen but the huge mob we could see at the 10th anniversary.


Beauté, curiosité, virtuosité !

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Big +1 for the Kitin's Lair, give them some interest and challenges !

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