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Dear Atysians would like to write what leaded me to make a guild:

I am daughter of Witherings of the great jungle born with the name Shuajuang. My parents thought me to respect the balance, the natures and the Kamis who are messengers of Ma Duk the creator of our world.

I trained seriously to be able help my people in the wars against the evil Karavans who despoil the resources of our beautiful world. Finally came the day when i could go first to a war, i was so exited... But when we arrived there i only saw some of the evil Karavans who fought bravely against the huge numerical superiority.

I got confused, how can it serve the balance of our world? When we took the last outpost, i realized the corruption and greediness of Kamis who inflected the soul of my people. I became totally desperate, couldn’t follow this way anymore, but all my studies, everything what i learnt from my parents were against the Karavans.

I felt i cant follow this way, but nor even saw any other opportunity. Finally i went into the goo suicide myself. Meanwhile lied in the purple marsh i felt the Goo touch my soul, and was speaking to me.

Next day i woke up in my room. And knew i found my way in this world, the passion i can follow with all my heart. The Goo told me why arrived to our world, to help the homins kind evolve. The chaos, the fight make the new generation always stronger and stronger. The monopoly of the Kamis over the outpost is against the will of the Goo. It gave me a new name too, Donkihote, as it told me a great warrior of another world, where different homins live.

So i knew my new passion and started to work on it. Created the guild: Goo Knights of Katrina. Our passion is keep the chaos in our world by not letting any side rule all the outposts and become lazy.

After the dark beginnings i met some nice homin who shared my idea, i met my sister Bluaarbthi, and together we we goo strong and fun building the unique english Trytonist guild and having fun about our "destiny".

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Lot of people misundertand RP at least in my opinion. For us it means some extra for the game and having fun. We arent kill on sight on everybody else cuz "RP". And we dont really wanna make chaos on Atys, its just some funny speach as a guildie told.
Our true destinity work on the ballanced gameplay, so we join in wars etc to the weaker side ever. But even if we fight ageinst someone cuz they got overnumbered at that moment we sought a good relation with the players themself.

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Nice to see some guilds popping up :)

However, after reading your description, I still can't say I figured: what is the guild's civilization and nation allegiance? Since trytonist isn't an official faction or organization ...


My home is always sweet Yrkanis..

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I was thinking in ur question, basicly i hate the word oficial, it isnt a faction, its a community. Even other guilds are welcome who wanna join to the light of Goo >;). We RP for the Goo, but join the underdog in fights

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Bluaarbthi's background story:

I've always been dwelling the desert. My parents thought me to navigate this place well, how could it be other then that, they were traders, living on the back of their mektoub, always on the move...
Sleeping under the Atysyan sky, all was good.

Needless to say trading in such a hard landscape comes with many dangers, the drought, the carnivores,the bandits. My parents understood this very well, they've been trekking the desert lik their parents did it before them, as did their parents parents did.

As soon i grew of age they sent me to Pyr. They knew of a school wich could refine the skills off a travelling trader. It included some basic economic skills, some crafting, some languages, but mainly how to defend yourself. This is the place where i picked up my 2H axe skills.
The institute was run by kamist monks. The trainig was pretty hard and required a lot of discipline. One of the students there was Spitadoor, a quiet guy, he realy never said a thing. His parents also were traders, but they travelled the roots mainly. It was clear something happened there when he was very young and he still had the mental scars from it.

One day we were assigned to assist a group of traders, going from Pyr to Zora. They needed to pick up a batch of silvio seed near Shooting Meadow, so a route thru Under Spring was planned. I was excited, i had heard much about the roots, but had never been there. Along with some other students, Spitadoor also got selected to join. All went well until the first night. We set up camp near deadtree stronghold. A schedule was made up who would keep guard. Because this was part of our training some students needed also to perform this task. I got paired with some old tryker and Spitadoor. We stayed close to the campfire.

I just noticed Spitadoor was stranger then ever. At some point he mumbled some words and a spell was cast from his daggers. The old tryker didn't have a chance, ...he slept. "Come", said Spitadoor. I think this was the first time i heard him speak at all. "We need to go to deadtree hole", he whispered. "There is something you must see..." I didn't have a clue what he was talking about or why he sabotaged the guarding task. I declined and woke the old tryker. The moment we could sound the alarm Spitadoor was already gone.

Some days later after the assignement, when we got back to Pyr, i saw Spitadoor again. He attented classes as if nothing had happened. I told my mentor what had happened, but he just smiled..."We knew this could happen, we thought he was ready..."

Clearly something was different with him after that, he kept talking about the great monolith, nobody had a clue what that was all about. He was cheerfull and talkative, a whole other person. I say nobody, but every night i had a feeling he was in my dreams, showing me the monolith, talking about goo. He was in my dreams for so long i got to like him very much, he became part of me.

I finished my training some years later. Sadly enough both my parents died before they could see me graduate. Cherkin got them...

I took over their business and business was good. I sleep under the stars again and embrace the desertwinds. The only thing what i need to know right know is: ... what answers lie in the goo wich Spitadoor kept telling me about
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