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Well now you did it. Sharp tongue and too little thinking, maybe a bit drunk and here we are.

The Matis Noble who was always pushing me ever since I moved to Yrkanis. I had to say something to him, fight back. Of course he was having a meeting with embassadors of other lands. The words didn't stop, I kept yelling at the fellow, until guards came and threw me out of the city.

"I'll make sure that you will be killed on sight if you happen to come anywhere near cities, I have powerful friends!"

At least the sun is shining brigtly this morning. For some reason even my teleporter pacts don't seem to work, the noble sure wasn't kidding about his powerful friends.

Gotta get to Loria to my mektoubs, make sure they are okay. Maybe I'm lucky enough to steal some bales for them from Avalae... Looks like it's back to being a Nomad, but this time, alone.


After running through horrible Heretics Hovel, after fighting to get past Loria, finally all 4 Mektoubs greeted Jahuu.

"I have been alone before, I can survive with just me."

Jahuu takes stolen bale from his bag. Sharing it to feed all mektoubs.

"I'm stronger than I give myself credit."

Sitting in the ponds of Loria. Autumn sun, golden as 'duk sparkles, is falling behind horizon. To red, to black. Like the guild symbol of Grave of the Fireflies.

"Why can't I stop crying"


#2 [en] 

Naema crys too, as she looks for her friend Jahuu...


#3 [en] 

Jahuu sees Naema in the distance.

In Frutor of this autumn, filled with despair and sorrow, he would have ran towards his friend trying to apologize for everything. He would have done anything to return back to Zora with her.

However, it is already Fallenor, filled with only hunger, fear and will to survive. This time only thought is to run. As far and as fast as one can. All emotions sealed, any would be too much to handle, every tear coming behind the mask is empty.

After running as far as his legs can carry, hunger feels as if it were ripping his organs apart. Laying in far corners of Loria, powerless to move he falls asleep.

Morning sun is still giving some warmth. He wakes up to a delicious scent nearby. Worn out pickaxe digs up large fruits that gets eaten in an instant.

Bagfull of fruits and nearby found mushrooms are soon eaten in the campfire of Jahuu by his hungry four legged friends. Laying on the beach in the autumn sun, stomack full, he notices two characters fighting evergrowing menace of the Great Hornchers. Crawling into nearby roots to hide and observe, he stops breathing; One of them is someone he has been trying to forget for a long time.

First word spoken after yelling in Yrkanis, after being send away from civilization:



#4 [en] 

"Hold on a minute Alassea, my boots are all wet again!" For some reason we always end up training near water when the weather is chilly and the winter knocking on the door. I sat down to take off my boots and pour the water out of them. Afternoon sun was dazzling but my vigilant eyes still spotted something moving behind the bushes. I reached for my sword and prepared for a fight but I only got so far before hearing a mektoub fart. Trying to hold back my laughter I took a step forward and saw a familiar face and a trunk reaching for my direction.

"Who's a good boy? Yes you are! Mike is the best mektoub on Atys!" Of course after my dearest Sputnik, who had sadly passed away on the infamous Bounty Beaches years ago. I always got along with mektoubs really well since they never let you down like homins end up doing at some point in your relationship.

That's exactly what happened with Mike's owner. I hadn't seen that blue fool for almost a year. Not after the empty promises he had made to leave his greedy so-called friends and live by my side, or rather under my thumb as I prefer it. It was all too little too late for me and so I had told him when he had once again tried to explain his hunting trips with those stinky kamists. Him not showing up on my birthday was the last straw for me. If a man is unable to appreaciate me even that much he means nothing to me. So I had erased him from my life and yet here I see his mask peeking behind another bush.

"Jahuu you can come out now, Mike gave you guys away already." He looked like he hadn't slept well in days. I see things, I hear things and I had heard rumors about a zoraï who had caused a scene in Yrkanis just a few days earlier. Could it really be him? I knew he had a temper and he had moved to Yrkanis just a few months before his failed attempt to prove his loyalty to me. I had tried dating other men after him but none of them really made me laugh like this silly blue, who now stood out the bushes and bowed to be smiling nervously and avoiding eye contact.

Alassea had came to see what's going on and we exchanged very meaningful glances before she greeted Jahuu and left us saying "I'll give you guys a moment. Don't waste too much time on him, Jellybean, he'll just leave you feeling worthless again." I sat down by the campfire that my skilful ex had put up right at the water's edge. He never amazed me with his fire handling skills. That was always more of my expertise. "You screwed up big time then, huh?", I asked him, assuming the stories were right and this once so humble citizen had showed some real rebel spirit. I secretly hoped I was right but at the same time tried not to wish for too much. He passed me a fruit, clearly the last piece he had. "I hope you like it, not much I can offer now." I nodded as a thanks and he took a deep breath.

"Yeah, I'm in huge trouble, Jellona. I have no business in any of the cities anymore and I'm stuck here in Loria. Now that you are here, could it in any way be possible that you helped me just a little bit? My mektoubs are hungry and the winter is coming. I will owe you a huge favor if you help us out to get through the winter." I bursted into laughter. There not many funnier things than a man begging on his knees for me to be kind and merciful. Of course I would help him, after all he had always been very kind and warm-hearted to me, but I wanted to enjoy the situation a bit more before telling him that. "Ala darling, we need to make a list of nice things we would like Jahuu to do for us. Come here girl and help me out a bit!"

I grinned at him asking, "How much are you willing to do for me this time?", and waited eagerly for his response.


#5 [en] 

"At this point..."

Jahuu glances his four legged friends.

After parting Silan, Zora felt busy. Nobody on the street had time to talk, if you didnt have dappers. One man carrying bales to stable was offering a mount with price that fit Jahuu's dappers.

Not long until Jahuu and Meksu wandered into fertile grounds in Mektoub Waterhole to dig and craft together. Eventually Jahuu overgrew Cities of Intuition and with help of dear friend, found digging grounds of Knot of Dementia, and later, Void. There was need for packers and so at Hoï-Cho stables, 3 packers joined Jahuu and Meksu. One of the packers was slightly special one, eating all resin and fiber from it's inventory. "No! Dont Eat My Craft materials!!" after the sentence was yelled thousand times, it was only "My crafts!" and eventually, "Mike".

After Void, group ended up in Savage Dunes, near Thesos. Later even in Scorched Corridor. Grove of Confusion had nice tribe called Ancient Dryads, who were taking good care of the animals as well. Avendale has been home to them, so has Fairhaven. Under Spring has had camp for them too, and many times Lands of Umbra was run back and forward to go where ever they needed to go.

They were filled with launcher ammo, filled with loot. Filled with crystals, filled with eggs. At this moment, everything Jahuu has, is carried by the loyal animals.

"...I am willing to do anything."


#6 [en] 

After countless days and nights of fighting, Jahuu takes a rest in the Horncher ponds of Loria.

Fresh master of every weapon takes deep breath and looks around. He remembers this place very well.

It's been long time, many things have happened. New home in the camp in the Hidden Source is starting to feel like a right place to be. Living with Jellona and other Marauders has not been easy, but every day seems slightly better.

This quiet and cold autumn night gives flashbacks. Particularly one poem, that helped to keep hope up when everything was lost.
The dreams are dark;
It's hard to sleep.
Life is hectic;
It's hard to thread.

As my eyes close,
I wish,
For you.

The cold is coming;
It's hard to move.
Work is taxing;
It's hard to win,

As my eyes open,
I wake,
For you.

After long meditation, he wakes up from these thoughts. Holding a tiny crystal in hand, Jahuu disappears from the ponds, to home.


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