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Ganatheus Penix let his gaze wander over the worker camp north of Dyron, stirring his stew with a wooden spoon. Many of his colleagues preferred to visit Dyron in their free time or to order their meals in the bar but Ganatheus enjoyed the view of the camp fires burning between the tents, the sound of the wind caressing the dunes, still warm from the evening sun. It was hard work, yes, but it was an honest, fairly paid work. It even was enough to set something aside for later. He had heard rumors about more building projects in Dyron, maybe he would buy an apartment here one day, wasn’t the worst place to be.

Gulping down the last bit of his stew, he stood up and walked down the dune into the camp. The next shift would lead into the Prime Roots for some very special materials. He was really looking forward to this challenge.
Little did he know…

Meeting place: Dyron, next to the stable, Sunday, 8 April 2018 19:00:00 UTC (2 years ago).

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