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I think it would be helpful to know when a team that is currently using the Ranger Rite started and if they are currently in the Rite

#2 [en] 

Maybe like this?

Aaylejah, Jahuu, Toinen

Friday, 30 March 2018 19:39:00 UTC (1 year ago)

time 02:33
Friday, 30 March 2018 23:33:00 UTC (1 year ago)


#3 [en] 

how it's implemented is up for discussion/polishing but
+1 for some visibility so that people can know how long they are in for waiting


#4 [en] 

Oh, it is "ideas for ryzom". I thought it was just "post it here if you go there" and I was suggesting one way to lay it out xD

*needs more coffee*


#5 [en] 

I would think it's even easier to just ask in Universe Chat. The Rite allows up to 24 hours, so if a group started an hour ago, the expected time of completion would be a day in the future. If you ask in Universe, you may get the answer (as we did), of "I'm in here, but things aren't going well, can we join you?"

((The two of them returned to Silan, closed the mission, joined our team and in 2 hours we finished it off for everyone.))


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