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So after our little discussion here on forums, I'm wondering. What are your powers in player organized events, event team?

Are you able to add in-game items? Maybe with no in-game use purely for better RP immersion?

Can you later change name or description of these items globally? (Like for everybody who has some)

Are you able to make such item diggable?

Are you able to do some triggered effects, like fireworks after certain part in story?
Or lighting a fire, like a candle or something?

Are you able to make some in-game objects appear or disappear based on story?

Are you able to join the event masked as unplayable races / creatures / moster? And then walk around and talk disguised, let's say as a Kami guardian?

If some of these questions are stupid I'm sorry. I'm not that long in this game and I don't have a slightest idea of what are you capable of.

Thank you for answers :)

One more comes to my mind. Are you able to add new titles with purely RP meaning?

If you come with some other ideas of what are you capable, that is useful for events tell us about them as well please! :)

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We could answer your questions, but then we'd have to kill you.

Seriously, Event Team members can do many things, but we are also bound by Ancient, Arcane, and Eldritch Laws that limit our actions.

If you have an idea for a player based event and want to find out if the Event Team can make it spiffy, write to events@ryzom.com with a full proposal and someone will contact you.

Speaking as a member of the Event Team, but not for the Event Team or any other official branch of Ryzom.

-- Cerulean

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Thank you Cerulean,
I was already contacted in game.
I asked about this before I create any events, just so I know where are the boundries.
If I plan some event in future I will certainly contact event team :)

I would like in future something in way of :
Zorai start new research center. They end up deciding they need a base. *We might add an existing house model somewhere, maybe add a sign that on mouse hover over says like "Research Center"* Then players might have multiple RPs there, and maybe go on an archeology dig somewhere. *Here would be cool to have special item added, something like dried goo, that's diggable but unused in game (i would even provide an image for this in ryzom art style, np) * Maybe they RP about studying it futher and find out it has some magical potential. They decide naming it something like "Growing Crystals". *Here would be nice if all items of this sort would be globaly renamed." They then decide that they want to get hold of more of them. So there might be event of collecting let's say 2k. *Here might be good idea to have someone who waits on specific place for delivery, writes down how much of it he got, maybe destroy it afterwards, but when they collect it, something like crates might appear next to research center* Then they decide on using it somehow. And more in-game stuff might be nice to be placed into a world.

This is ofc, only an idea how it MIGHT go on. An example of what I would use these "powers" for.

I understand very well that in-game object placing requires clients to download a patch (even if only small one, if that object is already part of game) and restart of game. But then this story I wrote here might take months even. So it wouldn't require restarts of server often. Nor it would require big patches. Maybe it could be part of some real patches.

I saw already something you call scene editor. Which might be enough for this sort of thing and I could manage it myself. But then I didn't found objects like houses. Nor I found how to change object values like visibility. Or efects like fire. Nor any tutorial videos of how to do any of these things.
Having knowledge of how scene editor really works and having access to these objects and effects would handle MOST of my questions. We might still want something like a special title for people. Maybe special in-game item with no REAL use. Or having a member of event team walk around and talk as some ryzom creature that's unplayable. But we would get rid of any big world changes ! :)


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Hi -- sounds like you need to get involved with Ryzom Forge. Look in the forums for it.

Based on what I've seen, most of what you are thinking of can be done.


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Ohoho :O
So we can as players join the development team and get involved in construction of the world itself? Sounds amazing ! :)
I will need to look much deeper into this, maybe install the development enviroment itself. :O
I'm a SW engineer IRL so I might help to evolve things like Scene Editor.
Or do some level design. I used to play MC for purely creative reasons and I'm able to create some interesting landscapes, cities or even dungeons? :O
I didn't saw any dungeons in ryzom yet. Are they planned ? I love PvE content in games, so this might be fun to work on.

Please tell me if you want some help. I will look into this Ryzom forge when I come home later tonight :)

Also is it really active anymore? I noticed a lot of those posts are quite old.

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...I didn't saw any dungeons in ryzom yet. Are they planned ? I love PvE content in games, so this might be fun to work on.

Can you specify what meaning the 'dungeon' term has for you? :) Isn't PR a huge dungeon? :) Or upcomming PoWo will be a solid basic for creating various scenarios.

Also is it really active anymore? I noticed a lot of those posts are quite old.

You mean Ryzom forge? Hm, you might understand it wrong. How to explain... for me, basically, Ryzom forge is everyone who try to participate on growth of the game. More strict, everyone doing this with cooperation with any Ryzom team. Forge meeting (now placed on IG channel ryzomforge - <i>/channel ryzomforge</i>) are just meetings on public that opens the way for someone like you. The real work is done in teams you become member of.

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Well I guess you could call PR a huge dungeon. But for me it's more of a themed area, ut might be a labyrinth or just a cave like PR is. Maybe an area where you need to do certain things to get trougth the traps and monsters.

I can imagine like a room with litteral lava a bridge acros and giant blades swinging. You can try to run trough it or split team into 2 parties, send them into boss rooms and after killing both bosses they need to push some buttons or something to turn off those swinging blades. Even if for only a small portion of time, barely enough for them to run back and run trougth the bridge.

Basically a place that was CONSTRUCTED, that is not natural. Where you need to face more then just monsters. And I know there isn't much of a LOOT in ryzom as in others MMOs. But I can easily imagine for example final boss to drop some random high lvl mats, or the mats used for crafting tools with bonuses and such. You know those you need a "base" for normally. (I reaaaly don't remember name for those farms or whateverAreTheyCalled where everybody builds extractors)

So yes something like PoWo would be great to have for what I read about it. I would love to help with it's development :)

And by asking about it being active, I meant if there are still some poeple helping with ryzom development. And also if developers are still working with community. But i will join that chat in-game and ask around there :)


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J'ai l'impression que les "donjons", c'est un peu ce qui existe déjà avec les boss maraudeurs. Pour Dante par exemple, il y a toute une île dédiée avec plein de mobs et le boss final.
J'ai cru comprendre qu'on allait bientôt en avoir un nouveau en forêt :)


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I like the idea in principle, but see one potential problem that I would like to see nipped in the bud so it doesn't sink the whole thing.

Simply put, the worlds in most games are more similar to our own world centuries ago than Atys is. Other game worlds have stone castles, steel blades, and other things that actually existed on Earth. Atysian blades are made of shell, and our rifle barrels and heavy armor are made of wood. Stone isn't a popular building material on Atys, nor are homins really into the whole large-scale excavation thing. Trykers will make piers, Fyros will work the sand to make some walls, Matis will hollow out trees, Zorai will do some thatching, but none of them are into masonry and we leave the tunneling to the Kitins.

Between the resources available on Atys and the architectural inclinations of the four races inhabiting the rootball, any sort of constructed area will require a bit of story-telling about how these constructed areas came to be, and how homins have not seen them even in history books for so many years. That right there might actually be the hardest part of the project.

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