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Hello! I am Sgahgrezch (S'GAH-gredtch) and I am from the United States. I am a long-time MMO-player who has spent the most time in Runescape, Shadowbane, Regnum Online, WoW, and EVE. For a long time, I have been sad about the state of MMOs as the genre becomes more and more commercialized. WoW (my most recent game and longest running) has become rather stale, and your character feels like a Demigod among mere mortals. I miss the days of complexity, of feeling small in a game-world, and most of all, I miss the tightly-knit community feeling and roleplay of classic MMOs.

When I finally tried Ryzom, after years of hearing about this game (I play on Linux sometimes, yet Regnum filled that hole for me) I was blown away after my first chat in /universe. What a helpful community! And I saw a GM come in and talk to players...that was incredible. I have already made some friends (special thanks to Itzy and Trilexis for going out of their way to help a newbie) and joined a guild. I am excited to learn this game and even more excited to meet and play with this kind community.

In real life I am a student in my last year at university. I study Philosophy and History, and I focus on 19th and 20th century philosophy, the philosophy of time and history, ethics, and social/political theory. When I'm not in game I am probably reading. When I'm not in game or reading I am probably sailing, ice skating, playing disc golf, or going on nature walks/hikes. I love all kinds of music but especially bands in the rock genre, from death metal to indie to shoegaze and dream pop.

That's plenty introduction! I hope to meet you in-game!

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What a lovely post :)
I'm very glad to welcome you in this game and this community. It's just a few weeks ago I myself joined here and it's a blast. The whole server is filled with amazing people :)

And as I know now, most people in AG are metalheads who loves philosophy. You fit right in ! ;)

This game is truly full of amazing stories. It was a big suprise for me to see bosshunts for example. They are nicely organized and people from all kinds of guilds join in and work together.

I started going to RP events. And even tho this community is almost 2/3 french people there is almost always somebody translating for others.

And when it comes to helping? Everybody is kind, sharing and helping. Ryzom is like a dream world for spiritual people to run off to, when "real" one becomes way too annoying or even dark.

Hope you will stay with us for looong time and enjoy the game to it's fullest. There is great potential in this game and I hope it won't die any time soon. Nor the community.

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Welcome Sgahgrezch! Glad to hear you are enjoying the game so much it certainly reminds me of when I first played Ryzom almost 7 years ago now and how blown away I was!

See you in game for sure :)


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Welcome Sgahgrezch!

I'm glad you are enjoying Ryzom. :) It truly is a very welcoming community.


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Welcome to Ryzom :-) Hope you enjoy it for many years as many others have☺

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Welcome Sgahgrezch :)

I'm not a Ryzom vet like most of the player-base probably is, but do love spending time on Atys, hunting and gathering mats and crafting my own gear. I am a Nomad, living in the Burning Desert.

Have fun.


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I was impressed by both the community and the game. Love it!

I'm still pretty new, highest level is 30.
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