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First I would like to say that there is nothing intrinsically wrong with the Action Progression window. It works fine. It is just very big and uses a lot of screen real estate. I feel it would be nice to be have the option to collapse the Action Progression window to a small, vertical list of your current skills, in a small font. For example:

1h mele 101.16
2h smsh101.39
2h prce 142.90
2h axe 157.12
2h swrd 250.00
close 101.01
range 21.87

def affl 100.66
heal 250.00
off affl 101.34
elem 250.00


No tree diagram, no progress bars, no upgrade info. Just a small, vertical, text-based table showing what your stats are while training, to a decimal place. You could turn on or off magic/fight/craft/ or harvest stats to make it even more compact.

Even better would be if my proposed Compact Progression window had a 'copy' button, so when you are trying to form a training team and asking people what their stats are in various things, players could just hit 'copy', and then paste their stats right into any chat window. Alternately a /stats command could print the same thing.


#2 [en] 

I gave up on the skilltree. Try this:

Make API key https://app.ryzom.com/app_ryzomapi/

Get RyzTools

Add key, go chars and skills:

Clear and simple. Can also check where you put the item x.

Cons, not realtime.


#3 [en] 

I would love to see such a simple window in game with realtime updates !!

Something like this would be amazing even for item counting. Where you can for example set crafting items as "watched" and such a simple window with list of your crafting mats would appear with number of them next to their name.

Both of these would significantly clear my UI. :)


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