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Le Vagabond des Brumes

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J'aime beaucoup l'idée.

Il me semble très pertinent de renforcer les actions de guilde.

Et puis l'idée de gvg : miam:)

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très bonne idée car c'est des espaces morts ces fermes, centres de recherches etc. Ca prend de la place pour rien alors qu'on pourrait y faire quelque chose. +1


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Gros +1! Surout avec l'avènement des nouveaux bâtiments de guilde

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The translation did not come through very good into English. Did I understand to make GvG op wars: q50 Ops' 5 vs 5? and q100 ops' 10 vs 10? q150 ops' 15 vs 15 and so on? I kind of understood that, but not the rest. :(

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To summarize Mendell idea.

He would like to have the possibility to build some infrastructures on destroyed Outpost (the unused ones like near kami tp in the void) to make a fortress.

Guilds have to a number of members to be authorized to build the fortress.
By example a guild with 5 member for q50 zone, 10 members for q100 zone

Another guild could attack the fortress to get the ownership and it have to respect the condition of member too. So there is a GvG interest.

NPC could be attack too in goal to destroy some part of the fortress


Zagabranth di Avalae
Noble du Royaume
Sane Velën de l'Ordre Alkiane
RyzomWorld (pas à jour mais toujours consultable)
Le Lexique Mateis (en développement)
Alkiane Outils (AppIG & Site)

#7 [en] 

Ok for using those unexplained abandoned ruins but not only for a thing that resemble too much to existing OP wars.

Names of the places suggest something else too (farm, research, trade...).


Beauté, curiosité, virtuosité !

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Better to add new buildings for the OP than copy/paste something half done which already exists in order to give them an real interest (and not just lets fill our GH with mats).

+1 with Zendae, those abandoned OPs suggest something else.

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Le Vagabond des Brumes
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