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Ryzom Forge meeting report – September 12, 2022

1 - Feedbacks about Atys Games and Rywards

Ulukyn (RT) – 19:32 UTC
Ulukyn invites attendees to express their opinions and suggestions on these two topics, as well as on the latest updates of Ryzom Chat.

– I enjoyed the Atys Games races, but why didn't you announce on the forum that they were prolonged and that there would be a reward for participants even if they didn't win?
Ulukyn :
During the Games period, this month of August, the communication team was not in full...

– During the games, the Silan Creatures events were great: they filled my pockets with dappers! Please offer them again!
– As for me, I think that the rewards we received then were too big: the excellent token are worth almost nothing with this type of event.
– Agree: I still have some left even though I didn't participate much.
Ulukyn :
Duly noted.

– Personally, I was absent during the Games (on vacation). So I didn't have the opportunity to participate to much... Wouldn't it be better to span them over two months?
Ulukyn :
We could indeed, by proposing a different set of activities depending on the month. By the way, this is what happened on a month this time: the events on Silan were introduced two weeks after the beginning of the Games. So this proposal will be considered.

– It would be nice if the winners of the Games were published in the forum. Indeed, as I couldn't attend the closing ceremony this year, I don't know what happened to my entries.
Ulukyn :
Sounds like a good idea.

Ulukyn concludes the segment by stating, regarding Rywards, that in the coming months:
• underwear will be moved there;
• all items will be exchangeable for tickets;
• sending items to friends will be possible (with restrictions for F2P players that remain to be determined).

2 - Outposts Refactoring

Ulukyn (RT) – 19:50 UTC
Two important pieces of information:
• the next rotation date for raw materials produced by outposts is Wednesday, October 5;
• the bug that affected NPC placement in outposts has been fixed.

Scheduled changes to the outpost mechanics, which will mark the end of the first stage of the refactoring when implemented:
• the length of the bidding period will be set to one week (i.e., for the upcoming rotation, October 5-12);
• battle-rounds lost by the attacking guild in GVE will no longer lower the "Max Attacker Level" by 1 (including Nexus); this should make GvE easier;
• a guild failing to retake an outpost in GVE will not be able to attack an outpost in GVE for a week (except in Nexus);
• after a failed GVE attack, the threshold of the concerned outpost will no longer be raised back to its initial value, but will keep the value reached at the end of the lost battle (and then decrease over time).

Tutorial interlude
Following a request for clarification from a participant not translated by DeepL in Ryzom Chat, it is specified that the translation for the readers (including those in game) of what is typed in RC is effective only if the typing language is the one indicated in the [Preferences] of [My account] (see menus displayed by clicking on the icon at the top left of the RC window which bears the dot indicating your status).

3 - Boss and Silan refactorings

Ulukyn (RT) – 20:02 UTC
Statistics of some of them will be corrected and the overhauled system (except, at first, the management of the bones of fallen Bosses) will be extended to the whole of Atys soon (probably on October 5th, or at the next server reboot).

The refactoring patch is scheduled to be released before the end of September, along with a substantial "Quality of Life" patch that will bring the improvements mentioned in the previous Ryzom Forge meetings.
On asking of a player who returned to Atys after a long absence (and who, delighted to find a living and working game, complimented the RT on it) for more details on this point, Ulukyn points to the URL of the present forum thread, which collects the minutes of the said meetings.
On Silan, we also plan to add lessons to introduce new players to the various nations and factions of Atys in as neutral a manner as possible, describing their particularities and how to join each of them. We'll start by building the lesson about the Marauders because, unlike the other nations and factions, they don't have any representatives among the NPCs in Silan.
Please note: these lessons can be built by players with no development skills. So, all contributions will be welcome!

Q: Regarding the Bosses: will they be as random as in Prime Roots or will their distribution depend on the region considered?
No: on the surface of Atys, the only Bosses likely to appear in a region will be those belonging to one of the species populating that region.

4 - New management of tickets

Ulukyn (RT) – 20:17 UTC
It's been several months (even years) since we wanted to modernize the ticket system.
The new version is in the final testing phase and brings a lot of changes compared to the current system (which is not so good).

The notable changes are the following.
• Complete redesign of the ticket submission form (including in-game) with categories based on the request, clear input fields to allow CSRs to see important information right away.
• Ticket tracking (in-game and out-of-game). That is to say, a list of tickets indicating for each one its status, the person who took care of it and its complete history.
• Possibility offered to answer directly to a ticket, allowing to start a real conversation illustrable through drag and drop of screenshots (out of game only).
• Sending, out of game but also in game, of an email indicating that an answer has been given and containing a link allowing to open the ticket.
• The same player can obviously open several different tickets at the same time, each ticket being individualized.

Do you have any questions or suggestions, features you would like to see added?

Q: Can we already test this new system? Or have a preveiw?
Yes. CSR are conducting the final tests at the moment and the test team will soon be able to move on, I think. Without risk, by the way: the future system and the current one don't share anything, for the moment.

Q (off topic): What about the faction shield design?
Please send me your idea of its statistics by private message!

5 - A novel in the Ryzom universe

Tamarea (RT) – 20:31 UTC
This summer, we had the great pleasure to see published the first volume of a novel taking place in the universe of Ryzom: "The Sacred War", written and self-published by Rémi Dromnelle.
The story, which takes place in the Old Lands, is really exciting; the immersion is fast, and one lets oneself be carried away with pleasure in the whirlwind of the heroes' life, living with them a few years of the History of Atys.
As the author is French, the novel was naturally published in that language. However, an English translation as well as a German one are in progress by volunteer players.
To learn more about this novel, see the forum thread dedicated to it, if you want to visit the book's website, it's here and, finally, if you want to buy it in hard copy or in PDF version, go to Librinova at this page.
But I warn you: it's so exciting that you'll have trouble letting go of the book before you finish it! And it's true to life!

Are there any players who have already read the novel, among those who are following this meeting? And, if so, would they be willing to give us their feelings, without spoiling the story?

(Two player-readers express their feelings:
– To get in your library right away!
– Already given on the right post: It smells like the beginnings of Rôdeurs and Marauders. It's the History of Atys, but one name escaped the author: Kal (it won't speak to everyone, but to Aniro players certainly).

The next issue of our magazine "Behind the Scenes" will be dedicated to an interview with the author of the novel, Rémi. When I finished reading the novel (at 3 a.m.) and he asked me what I thought, I replied: "I want the sequel !!!!!!!!!!!!!". The volunteers of the translation team will be the first to have the privilege of reading this issue... and the translation team is recruiting!
I should also point out that the author (and this is something very important to him) wanted to allow our community to read the novel for free on the Ryzom wiki (click on the language flag to display its ongoing translations). But feel free, of course, to buy the book too if you want to support the author!

Q: Is the novel based on the Lore, or do original characters appear there?
A :
Both! This is fiction, not a summary of the Lore. But it tells a real part of the Lore. In fact, the author has constantly solicited the Lore team during the writing process, both for clarification and validation.

Q: For me, I would rather it BE the Lore of Atys than a fiction. The History that you can read in the wiki is acceptable, but a historical library of Atys would be great.
This fiction describes in a very plausible way a large part of the past of Atys, in the Old Lands.

Various issues

Ulukyn (RT) – 20:17 UTC
The dynamic event of kitin invasion seldom runs during the week and, given the large number of invaders, it sometimes takes a long time to resolve.
What would you think, then, of more frequent invasions involving fewer invaders?
(The suggestion is welcomed and Ulukyn, on the remark of an attendee, confirmed that this frequency/importance ratio of kitin invasions could indeed be adapted to the number of players present on Atys at such or such time of the year.)

Q: Couldn't we propose one-off events like "Festive Nests", where items to be discovered by other players could be placed, hidden or not, on Atys. This kind of event really adds a lot of fun, atmosphere and RP opportunities, I think.
The "Festive Nests" mini-game was indeed very popular during the last Refugee's Day. As we haven't decided how the Rywards will be offered to friends, this kind of event is a possibility... But I can't say anything more.

This is followed by some remarks and suggestions that launch debates among the participants, debates that Tamarea, to conclude, invites to continue on the forum.

The meeting is closed at 21:25 UTC.

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Ryzom Forge meeting report – October 10th, 2022

1 – Feedbacks about the last patch patch

Ulukyn(RT) – 19h36 UTC
And we'll start as usual with the feedbacks. Are there any feedbacks/comments/suggestions about the last patch?

-- Is it planned to resize the missions window properly? It can't get as small as it used to be, and it doesn't get big enough for some of the longer descriptions?
Ulukyn : Ok, I'll add the problem to the list right now

-- The graphical problems are pretty bad. The sizing of objects. It happens everywhere. Sometimes things are so big they fill up the entire screen and I cant even see where I am going.
Ulukyn: The bug is known and is being fixed, but it's not easy because we don't know why it only affects players on Macos.
The patch introduced a smoother creature/item magnification. Before, when a script changed the size of an object, it was done in steps, visually it was ugly.
I don't understand why it only bugs on Mac (and I don't have a Mac... so not easy) but I'll find out eventually :). Probably something stupid like it often does.

-- Regarding the redesign of Silan and the new tags I created several characters to test a little bit of everything and I could notice that the tags are mixed between the characters. I have two new characters with no tags, they have been moved on to old characters
Ulukyn : I will contact you for more info, I'm interested.

-- Regarding the new tutorial, when you grow psykoplas for training, you have to kill the psyko that grew before growing another one. Otherwise the bag buds count down but there is still only one growing
Ulukyn: [i]That's right, every time you grow a bud, the previous one disappears, so there aren't dozens of them for nothing. This is intentional, the same principle applies to the maraudeur banner. What would you suggest?
I was thinking of maybe avoiding the bud count in the bag if we didn't kill the psykopla involved.
Ulukyn: That's an idea. I make a note, I don't know if it's feasible :)

-- I have a compliment for you. :) I think the new possibilities in the inventory are great. The new pockets are very useful in the daily game. A big congratulations for that.
A second action bar that doesn't reflect the first one anymore, I don't find that very useful.

-- I'm a fan of the fix that allows you to sell directly to the NPC again with Shift + Enter
Ulukyn: We were wondering if this was fixed for everyone (I never had the bug for example), so much the better if it is the case :)

Ulukyn: Are there more crashes than before? There were quite a few after the patch, especially when going to Silan. We fixed 2 big bugs.
We will try to get better crash logs, so we can fix more of them, if there are people who have C++ knowledge on the subject, it would be great :)

--At some time, there were some crashes when we were trading old tokens (the ones we have in exchange for titles), but that seems to have been fixed
Ulukyn: Yes, this one is fixed.

-- Can the NPC sale be reset to the way it was before, i.e. recognizing that the Shift key is still pressed? Since the patch, you only sell one item to the NPC and to the players, so if you have multiple items to sell you have to press Shift + Enter for each item, not hold Shift while spamming Enter.
Ulukyn: You should send a ticket with the details, your OS (if Linux the distribution), it seems that Shift + Enter does not work the same way for everyone.

-- All windows sometimes get stacked at reconnection. Is this a known bug? Under Windows in windowed mode, all the windows of the game are superimposed on top of each other at the bottom left. I have to replace them one by one. It happened to me 2 times in the last few days but never before.
Ulukyn: It happens on Linux, but I've never seen it on Windows. Typically, it's when the client window is minimized. The windows are then all moved to the same place. I'll get back to you to check it out.

--On the whole, nice job. We always complain about bugs or some changes. But nice job anyway. Thanks

Ulukyn: In any case, we will continue to fix the bugs and will revisit the forum for ideas of Quality of Life additions, do not hesitate to send up posts ;)

2 – New features

Ulukyn(RT) – 20h19 UTC
I won't go into detail, but it might give you an idea.

The QoL (Quality of Life) patches will continue to add new features to make the game more enjoyable and fix bugs. And in order to make the work of the devs easier, we have gathered the whole client code in one place:, whereas it was previously on 3 different repositories.
You can now see the list of issues (bugs):
Everything is public :)

About the Storyline, it will start again soon, we had a rather busy year and we couldn't progress on it as we wanted.
We'll have to improve this in order to make it progress more regularly, the lessons system should help :)

Speaking of lessons, we will obviously continue the tutorial and lessons on nations/factions. Especially since it's pretty quick to do now that the system is coded.

We will continue to add the rewards to Rywards so that it can list all the items to be won. Including the underwear (and I know this will make people happy :D )

Finally, and still with the idea of finishing things that are not finished, the guild islands will be fixed and finished (with the possibility to visit other islands).
Content for the guilds can then be added.
This is the big development axis we have planned.

Of course the ongoing projects like op refactoring, bosses refactoring and all refactorings will be continued and finalized.

--Are there any plans for the maraudeur faction?
Ulukyn: Oops I forgot. So yes, we have added the marauder camp on Silan to continue development. It's one of the things we need to finish, so we'll finish it.

-- Finishing the rites would really be a good thing.

--Has consideration been given to allowing openable items in pockets?
Ulukyn: We have already answered on the forum for some items, you can add on the post the items you think useful. For the artifact [Editor's note: automatic purchase of pacts] it is in progress, but we have prioritized the bugs.

-- Will there be "neutral" maraudeur teleportes that you can have without being a maraudeur? Because a new maraudeir has to do all the fames at -50 and then walk all over Atys to get everything again compared to the other factions.
Ulukyn : No it is not planned for the moment.

-- Will there be something for the Trytonists. They have waiting for so long.
Ulukyn: We will not add factions in terms of gameplay any more. It's a lot of work that costs us a lot. It would not be reasonable. However, in terms of RP, the event team should be able to do it (and I can't speak for them).

-- Can we still expect big new gameplay features like new light maraudeur bosses, new crafting plans, new occupations, etc?
Ulukyn: We've been constantly improving the tools in order to make things easier and simpler. That's what takes the most time, having the right tools.
For the crafting plans, every item added to the wheel is always accompanied by a crafting plan. So, once the items have been replaced by new ones, it will be possible to offer the plans as a reward.

--Speaking of crafting, the look of items created with natural mp is disappointing. Wouldn't it be possible to improve them? (Natural mp earned hard on nexus ops give crafts with pale yellow bubbles... one could hope for better)
Green would be closer to the ranger colors :)

Ulukyn: Ah if they had been refined, purified or modified yes. But without treatment, I'm afraid they will remain in a simplistic state :P
We'll see what can be done though :)

--Can we have barrel-refactoring too? There is a 150 ratio between shooki and byrh barrels (volume 1 in the bag for shooki barrels. 150 for byrh. You have to be motivated to put a barrel of byrh).
Ulukyn : Haha ok, maybe there was a mistake :)

--Achievements give yubo points. Are there any plans for them to be used for anything other than personal glory?
Ulukyn: Very sincerely... no plans at the moment. But if there are proposals on the forum, they will be taken into account.
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