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There is no "economy" not because of timers or things like that.

There is no "economy" because Atys is resource-rich and the only items of scarcity are OP mats, which are never sold.

A monetary economy only works when there are scarce resources (either materials or crafted items). If there were a *lot* more players we might begin to get to that point, but it's never been the case in Atys since I have been playing. If the price of raw mats were adjusted and the ability to set prices were adjusted there might be a temporary run on the markets but it would be strictly temporary.

That being said:
I rather like the idea of Fame increasing the hold time since it makes RP sense. It also gives people a reason to push for the 100 fame. (By the way, all tests for 50 or 100 should actually compare to 49 and 99 due to rounding and actual non-integer values of fame, but that's a coding detail.)

I am not fond of the hold off the shelves but in storage idea. If there is any programming rationale for the 7 day limit, such an idea will put paid to it, and using storage retrieval as a dapper sink will not cure that.


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thanks for the reply bittty,

agree - atys is a land of too-much,
but here's something to consider too (stil sort of off topic)
a lot of these "items " that are "not scarce" are not circulating

case in point i make some okay-items not the best of the best, no loot in my stuff... but lots of people are sitting on tons of newbie-loot-items

we have a hoarding problem, and a gift-economy the fact that I can even sell as much as i do is remarkable considering how many people have gh's full of better things than i have. the active player base isnt really flowing anything, just hoarding (except for newbies, who are buying)

back on topic, fame + storage or extended timer, whichever is easier to program, will help me in my endevors and harm no one so, i hope there's some more "yes" to this, with proper criticism, always welcome


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