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I'm currently working on quality of life improvements. I believe the current way to manage materials / databases is horrible and so are the postcraft formulas.

My overal goal is to improve the usability of this tool for everyone. I really like the guided approach of the recipes app, wich asks a few questions and just works. I might add some (optional) wizards to KC too.



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A Devolver. :D

Instead of selecting the item I want to make (say a medium quality axe, and evolve what is needed to make the item, I would love to see the reverse.

Provide what I have (looted & harvested), and devolve it into what could be made with the items (2 medium quality axe, 1 basic quality dagger; or 3 basic quality axe, and left-overs).
The devolution can be made to be with similar target "Conditions" as the Evolver.

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