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#1 [en] 

Says a Poet,
To his humble
Beloved reader;
And ever still
A fellow poet:

When life gives you
A chance to be sweet,
And you mean it..
Take it,
Because life is short.

To the one who reads what I write,
You are a precious someone.
A well deserved mention
Is only natural.

When someone writes
With such passion of the heart,
One enjoys reading such.

It's hard to be such a pesron,
To feel those things always..
And have to live in reality still.

Ah, But
For me,
It is easy.

It is:
The fuel that keeps me sane,
The light that shines my way.

It gives me the eyes to see,
The love that is given to me
From the universe.

Drink in all the love
That comes from beauty,
Like nectar..

These words,
They are so good;
I'll pen them with permission.

Beauty, Music,
And Love,
Sustain us.

The only reason,
To feel that ache is from not
Returning it to it's source.

Oh how good it is,
To feel that familiar ache,
From reading such words.

Of course,
Use whatever you find
To remember the love.

Is the key to the universe;
Unconditional love.

The kind you find from a flower,
Or the magnificence of the stars.
The sun warming you on a cold day.

Humans just don't remember.
They become complacent and forgetful,
Of all the love that surrounds them.

The pressures of this
Material life,
They lend us to forget.

But, we all need to remember.
And your poerty will help others,
To remember.

Your words, they are
As food to me.
I've penned them all for us.

Remember this little secret:
That the universe
Comes from within us.


#2 [en] 

Thank you for these borrowed words.
Please don't worry, I promise;
This poet he shall not,
Burden his beloved reader.


Sweet Poet,
Where are you now?
Do you rest your head
While I wish for..

As I read your letter,
The shadows wait patiently.
Dark as piercing steel,
Cold as burning ice.

How'd you know, lovely?
A sad heart strays tonight.
Love shall guide me back,
As I your letter, once more.

With each letter, my perceptions hasten.
With each word, I am reminded.
Of the beauty, that surrounds us both.
I am reminded, We are loved.


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