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aww but I loved reading all the gossip. Snotty Matis, oh wait umm I am Matis. well I still loved reading the gossip.
The Eye will be greatly missed. I looked forward to every issue.

#17 [en] 

I have read every issue so far and was a real fan of The Eye. It kept me in touch with whatever was going on around Atys when I was too busy studying like an hermit in my appartment. I will greatly miss it and somehow hope that Rikutatis will come back from the Deep Roots with a crazy kickarse interview of the Great Dragon.

Unless the dragon mistakes him for a talking snack, of course...


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Here's to hoping that Rikutatis doesn't go the same way as my father, Noh. He wandered off into the Goo-infested areas, and was never herd from again. Considering how much the Eye is read (even if it is made on the flimsiest leafs out there), that would be bad.

Come back safe! (Does anyone even know if the Great Dragon can talk?)

#19 [en] 

While Rikutatis is on the hunt for the Great Dragon, and, after the success of my Almati Stew recipe, I thought I might share a bit of Atysmas cheer in food form.

Stinga Rum Cake
Prep time: 20 minutes
Total time: Approximately 1 and 1/2 hours
Serves: 12 to 16 servings

4 parts Slaveni flour
1/2 spoonful of Bamboo leavening agent
3 parts Bamboo cane sugar
2 parts basic Koorin Oil
5 small Kitin eggs
1 spoonful of Shooki moss extract
1/4 bowlful of Stinga Rum
2 Batao Tree Fruits
1 large spoonful of water
1 part Bamboo cane sugar
1/4 bowlful of Stinga Rum
1 large spoonful basic Koorin Oil

1. Burn the fire to a low flame or even just hot, smoldering coals.
2. Dip a drop or two of Oil and grease pan evenly.
3. Slice 1 Botao Fruit thinly and layer the slices in the bottom of the pan.
4. Cut 2nd Botao Fruit into half pinky-finger width bits.
5. In a bowl, stir together oil, extract, rum and eggs.
6. Stir together flour, leavening agent and sugar until thoroughly combined.
7. Gently stir in bits of Botao Fruit.
8. Pour batter into pan and set it over the fire to bake for approximately 1 hour, checking for doneness every 20 minutes.
9. when cake bounces back at a finger touch, remove from the fire to cool.
10. When cool, remove the cake from the pan carefully in order to preserve the Botao slices on top.

1. In a small pan, heat oil, water and sugar until sugar dissolves and mixture begins to thicken.
2. Remove from the fire and add in Rum.
3. Allow Glaze to cool, and, when cool, drizzle glaze on top of the cake.

Slice, Serve and Enjoy!

Happy Atysmas!

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